What is this Oneness that you want?
Is it the same as the Masters talk about? That most would say with our present cultural differences is a long way off, if at all!

Here in our Paradise we lock our doors at night, our windows have iron grilles on the outside and wooden shutters on the inside, all closed, barred and bolted and from the time of twilight we are in lockdown.

When dawn arrives the doors and windows are opened for a time, depending on the season, and fresh air replaces the heavily laden air of nightly vapours with the Prana of a new day. The grilles however remain cemented into the walls which is a feature of houses here in this part of Iberia! Maybe a hangover from wars between Moslems and Christians? Or did the owners and builders still live in fear?

What is freedom to you?

Are you happy in your castle at night with portcullis down and drawbridge raised in case of unwanted guests, robbery, rape or murder in your beds? Do you keep a weapon close at hand?

I do not condone, in fact I do not like locks, chains or grilles, and weapons are banned, but if there were no walls there would be no need of doors or windows, locks, chains or grilles.

Gone are the days of my youth when doors were left unlocked so that anyone could enter to borrow a cup of sugar or milk and share. Share some gossip over a cup of tea or substitute coffee made from roasted dandelion root.
Was that freedom in a time of war? We now look to the finely sliced dandelion leaf as the zing in a country salad as if it were something new!

We have moved on over those seventy years to a time where we have to admit that there is never going to be one hundred percent security, but if we want Oneness do we also need to be that secure, which would mean a radical change in cultures?

I have to admit that we are hoarders, collectors of all sorts which I believe comes from the ancient fear of lack, of grabbing what you can while the going is good, because tomorrow is another day and may have nothing you need, want or desire to stay alive, so the store cupboard is groaning under the weight of almost everlasting food in bottles, tins and bags just in case some unexpected guests should arrive and we can therefore accommodate and feed them all.

But if we look around we live in a land of plenty where there is enough to go around and as for security, I would dearly love to return to those far off days when there was hardly enough to go round, but we did not starve and helped each other, sharing whatever we had, leaving the doors unlocked if not open regardless of the bitter wind of war.

In this time of plenty the shame of mankind is that the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows wider and security has become a huge issue. Is it any wonder that we live behind bars and grilles in our self made prisons?

If we wish to remain relatively safe we need to look at our own situation and decide on the level in which we wish to live. This is the second time in my life that I have had to downsize, once through divorce and this time through force of circumstance when we need to be more open to the needs of others, when a move back towards the distant past would be desirable, if not exactly possible.

As we make our preparations to move, pack and downsize there is much that we have had to let go of, sold or given away and all I can share with you right now is:
Do not to leave temptation in the way of those prone to thievery by leaving doors open that they can walk in uninvited, and do not have anything in your home which others may consider worth taking, but if they take it then let them take it!

Does this sound like a desired step towards Oneness?

You will no doubt get the feeling of a sense of unconditionality about it, which is exactly what we need to bring into the forefront of our consciousness if humanity is to survive, as we drive to extinction those who share this place with us and were here long before us. What a legacy! Where is Oneness?
With shared desire and the Love of Hanukah & the Angel to all.


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Devonian writer
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4 Responses to MORE on ONENESS

  1. A great write David.. And We have to understand we need to reunite and become more understanding with each other… An example today.. We left our shallots out in the allotments this week under a hang over to dry on the shed.. Someone helped themselves again.. You would have thought we would have learnt from the last time.. But we said oh well I hope they enjoyed them, they obviously needed them.. So sent them on their way with love.. Sometimes to allow more in, you have to allow things to go… Holding resentment is doing our energy no good..
    Thank you for your thoughts.. I hope and wish you well in selling your home.. Have a peaceful weekend
    Blessings Sue


  2. Angel Messenger says:

    Dearest David, just as you I have known those days when doors were left open and hearts were worn on our sleeves. People had to share or starve and we did not need any preacher to tell us what charity meant and how it should be applied. We did not weigh the cup of sugar or flour that was borrowed and the few eggs we had were shared without hoping they would increase in number.
    Were this the “good old days” ? I don’t know and often I’m not so sure… they were different, they sure were !!! I fully agree with you that all human beings should share in Oneness.. we are of the human specie whether white, black or yellow, and only our stupid pride made one colour supposedly superior to an other. Yes, you are right watching the world go by we can only notice how far we are still away from Oneness. One part of the world dies of obesity when the other part has lost all its strength due to famine, How strange has our world become ? Our ancestors did not (always) know how rich their neighbours were but now medias show it all so that no one can ignore what is happening.
    Thank you, David, for this excellent reminder that we as the People of this Panet have to reunite in Oneness or become extinct.

    Blessings to you and to all who will read your blog.



    • David says:

      Thank you my Angel, just as we are of an age when we shared so much although miles apart and unknown to each other until the last 12 years, but what years which I never thought I would see in this life. Thank you so much for all you do. Love, David


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