Paradise for Sale 28

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
28a CASA
What can I say? Except there is great anticipation!
All is well and we tell ourselves we are at ease
But there are moments when the blood can boil or freeze!
It is together with divorce one of the traumatic times
Despite our praying, practice, chants and rhymes
That anticipation floods the mind with adrenal flow
Without a positive intent there is no place for it to go,
We are left with nothing to fight and nowhere to flight
Wondering how to manage this awesome fright!

All is well and we tell ourselves we are at ease
Concentrating in the moment, ourselves to please,
From dawning morning Meditation has its place,
But busying seems better to fill the vacant space.
Like living in the void with arms akimbo
Similar plight of spirits set adrift in limbo
We are almost aware of our destination
But wait upon a buyers faulting hesitation.

All is well and we tell ourselves we are at ease
Filling time with TLC to garden, plants and trees
The way is clear, we know this all too well
But seems the bell at the gate only tolls a knell
And remaining in our paradise is our only choice
At the whim of the world as if we have no voice!
We try to ease the buyers long withheld decision,
But blocks en-burden their passionate provision.

All is well and we tell ourselves they are at ease
The Universe responds to their long held pleas
And moves afoot bring all to its final conclusion
As we send loving thoughts to aid their fusion
Of things material, but mostly their emotion
When movement in the cosmos propels their motion
Crossing the water, coastal plain and mountain
Knock at the door of paradise we’re ready to open!
© David Tenneson 2014.
With Love, David


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. Knock Knock… 🙂


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