In the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran:
“They said unto him, ‘come and be one of us, descend and appease your hunger with our bread and quench your thirst with our wine’.
In the solitude of their souls they said these things; but were their solitude deeper they would know I sought only the secret of your joy and your pain.”

It reminds me that: ‘we should be in the world but not of the world’, and that although some have questioned my solitude in the mountains of Spain, I sought only the secrets of life and death on Earth.

My unseen teachers are ever close and I hear their words clearer and clearer as I have enjoyed the task of removing my own barriers, not only from this life but from others – of disbelief!

I have found that solitude itself is a great teacher, unlike some who need to be surrounded by artificial noise, I value the sounds of silence or at most the noise of nature and the company of wild things that know by their amazing instinct how to live in the moment of now. I have an affinity with animals who seem to know me!

I might not even see them like my teachers, but I am aware of their closeness by the evidence they leave behind or listening carefully, I hear their calls one to another in the distance, to match the still small voice inside.

A small number of sources are my inspiration: some unseen, some unheard, but all nevertheless apparent in one way or another. As I recommend to know yourself, knowing myself and the recognition of my own strengths and weaknesses, my vivid imagination that brings so many wonderful visions of inspiration, but I also realise the false memories which I have carried since childhood.

I am happy to say beginning now to clear with the help of my friends and teachers, but I know still more to clarify, I have become aware of the more than vivid imaginations of so called sages of old who only wanted to be able to present the secrets of life and death in an understandable form to their followers which we have inherited as their and our doubtful truths.

Which in fact are only anthropomorphic images of, almost impossible to explain, spiritual truths so as to give the uneducated simple minds of the past a flavour of the truth, which by their very nature have come down to us, some in recognisable forms, but others in allegorical stories open to interpretation by succeeding generations.

Sadly many are far from the truth and interpretation as we have seen of late to permit wholesale war, genocide and murder do not follow the words of any prophet despite their radicalised protestations.

It is said that every action has a purpose: The death of Diana brought millions together in grief and the Islamic State has brought previous enemies onto the same side to fight them. Don’t mistake me, this is no Divine Plan but it is humanity responding to an obvious wakeup call.

The problem as I see it is that the call goes further than the IS and the problem should, if humanity has any common sense left at all, be an opportunity to join together in much more than the defeat of a common enemy.
Please Humanity, listen!

Let me say that I do not deny the beliefs and faiths of millions which would cause such trauma and mental anguish not to say assumed cause for retribution yet again, which would have no point and must be looked upon as a different view, respecting another’s belief and right to do so.

It must still be the quest of every individual to follow their own path, to find their own truth and purpose in this life causing no harm and hopefully wishing, as I do that the moment will arrive in our lifetime, when all faiths will join together just as all of the countries have joined to fight IS so we will all become one again in our appreciation of commonly recognised Divine. This would be true Oneness!
To be of this world I believe that this, in true Oneness, is the only way forward for the whole of humanity.
With the respect and Love of Hanukah & the Angel.


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6 Responses to BEING of the WORLD

  1. Wonderful post David.. Yes I too hold your wish and hope one day we can truly move beyond what we perceive as differences, and embrace each other for our similarities.. As we each learn to love one another as One.. The HUMAN RACE… I pray along with you David.


  2. cat says:

    Hope seems to be the ultimate medicine, that helps one to go one with life … I have seen women with incurable breast cancer and in incredible pain, but still hoping to live another day … why? I will understand … on a larger scale … ya … it’s ISIS today … it was The Third Reich yesterday … and there will be another Prince of Terror tomorrow … let’s face it, D … not? Thanks for another great thought inspiring read … Love, cat.


    • David says:

      Of course dear Cat, you are right and if we allow it another will no doubt emerge from the shadows. The trouble is that those who imagine they are the protectors of this world like the US do not consider the consequences of their actions which leave vacuums for evil to fill! Having destroyed the Iraqi Army as the head of the CIA said yesterday they should have left trainers and supporters behind instead of leaving them in that open vacuum with nothing to rely on to help them in the fight against IS. Love David


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