From the premise
“Thou shalt not kill”
There is no Holy Book
That should condone otherwise
Except for food, blessing the prey,
Or protection of family.

The premise must become a promise:
“I will not kill
I will cause no harm
To any living thing
Be it man, woman or child,
Mammal, bird, fish or insect
Even in moments of desperation
Except for self preservation
Not for the thrill of the chase
Or hubris of the hunt.”

Radicals have come and gone
Jesus, Luther and Knox all leaving
Their mark of separation
By their own interpretation
Of the word.

All with a facet of thought
That together may be brought
To realisation of a common truth
One that supports all
And that all may support.

From a distance I see
Support for one another
Being the bond that binds us
The bond that holds us all
In Peace Harmony and Love
Radicals together as One.
© David Tenneson 2014.

With Love, David


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  1. Brilliantly scripted David.. May we join in togetherness! xx love and Blessings Sue


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