(Expounding the Poem – Life & Death)
We are so used these days to looking for and finding programs either in the computer store or on the Internet to help us to carry out certain tasks, to bring knowledge and understanding to us without wading through volumes of encyclopaedias. Creation has become that much easier, considering that creation occurs firstly in the mind.

It’s all a whole lot easier than when I was growing up when computers were not even invented, but I guess like most, with the family grown and me having moved into retirement, I was able to put my earlier searches into the meaning of creation into some kind of perspective, with the free time afforded by retirement and the retreat into the wilds of Spain for the last eleven years.

It’s made me realise that I had not given enough thought, apart from to my own inadequacies as I saw them, to myself and the kind of programming that had necessarily gone into my own make up before I was even conceived never mind created and born.

I now realise that the creative pre-programming was one of a constant search for joy and happiness. But! And here is the big BUT. My programming I now realise was in the form of what we might now call a proposal. Having seen the vast array of possibilities, of lives in families, in the choice of countries and cultures, to give the kind of experience that would provide the right set of possibilities to explore and experience life for my own benefit in searching for joy, happiness and purity, I became a bit gobsmacked in this physical form!

But all that was viewed and assessed and seen not only from the angle of a proposed life for myself, but from the point of view of the kinds of possible interactions between the self and all of the family members, possible friendships and challenges that the life would bring, and how this choice would affect all of the other parties with whom I would come into contact.

Having seen the possibilities and probabilities that the proposal would bring I had to accept that once decided upon I would have to give up all control. In fact I had to give up all memory of the proposal and hand everything over to an embryo which had no experience whatsoever.

You see I am a Soul and like every other Soul that decides to take that incredible risk on another life incarnate as a human being on Planet Earth, once the decision was made I had no other choice than to forget and to become a Silent Witness.

I may have decided on a life as a cripple, in mind or body, not so much for my own benefit but for the benefits of those around me. Those who would either love me or hate me, abuse me or caste me out as unclean and unwanted. I could only hope that those now in control would understand that even through all of that the prime directive was to search for joy and happiness still!

The controller, if you had not already guessed is the Spirit, synonymous with mind and consciousness whose existence began at the moment the embryo was capable of sustaining life, and at that same moment my amnesia began and I became that Silent Witness.

Now if I had chosen wisely according to the expected life I may be fortunate enough that in its search for joy the Spirit will, fairly rapidly, understand that despite all of the Holy Books ever written, there is only one Trinity and that is of Soul, Spirit and Body.

That Trinity only exists within us and when the three come together at the acknowledgement of the Spirit or consciousness, the opportunity arises for interaction to put the original proposal back on course however much it may have strayed from the Divine Plan, for make no mistake the Divine was part of the programming in the first place, in the second place and in every place since the beginning of humanity became conscious here on Earth.

You may, like many consider that when your life ends all is completed, but that is not so, since the very second that a life terminates, and no doubt every aspect of your life will flash before you for evaluation, a second opportunity is immediately created of another life and the whole process starts over again.

But let’s fast reverse for a while and consider the life just lived, or for you and me being lived right now: we create with our minds, we make stuff with our hands and you like most of us may consider that you come to a point when what you are doing is finished and complete! But look out into the far reaches of Space which we are able to do now like never before and you will see that nothing is ever complete it is all in a state of becoming and the same applies to you too in whatever you are doing, it is never done!

There are so many aspects of our lives to consider, which no doubt will flash before us when we pass over, from the creative input of the Consciousness to the physical Body and its achievements that we will look at as a departed Soul with critical assessment as to whether what we set out to do was in any measure met or that we need to take a second shot at the same target in another life.

Conversely if our experience measures up to the probability we will be free to choose a different path the next time round if incarnation is still on the cards, or maybe we will decide that enough is enough and we can dedicate our existence to the care of those crying out for help left behind on Planet Earth.

In which case we will stay with others whose task is to help, guide and nurture those on Earth as best we can through our own experience understanding never to go against the Free-will of the Spirit we will be teamed up with.

Or maybe having reached a certain level of experience, purity and wisdom we may take on a broader perspective in guiding other life forms on other planets in this or other galaxies or in general care for what has become known euphemistically as Mother Earth.

It is in that wisdom which in this life I have been privileged to receive through our partnership that I try to help others bridging the gap between spirit and form understanding that the creative process is ongoing in myriad forms and that nothing is ever completed. Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. I think David I may well cry enough is enough and choose if I have the choice to help from the ethers 🙂 I just hope that I complete my own lessons within this incarnation.. And have no need to return 🙂


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