Honesty is the best policy!
But how many of us tell a little white lie (LWL) so as not to hurt the feelings of another? The truth told in empathy, understanding how the other may feel when realising the reality of any situation, relationship or belief in a gentle and positive way, with a handy box of tissues, is better than to let the other carry on in ignorance possibly leading to danger.

I guess we are all guilty of the LWL for whatever reason from love to fear, but mostly in the end it will catch up with us to the point where having been found out it may be assumed by others that if guilty of the LWL we must be prone to a big one and therefore not to be trusted!

That is the down side for like as not one LWL will lead to another and trying to remember all that you have said in the longer term can be as damning as the big one for you will be found out eventually. Much easier to remember the truth wouldn’t you say?

The ability to tell truth from falsehood is inherent in us all and we know instinctively when we lie and indeed mostly its consequences. Our conscience should be our guide in all our dealings with others, but as always we should apply the same rigour to ourselves in being honest with us! The danger is that in order to stay in our comfort zone and maybe even through laziness we kid ourselves just for the sake of an easy life.

I am convinced that life is meant to be hard and those on the path may find it harder than most since they are the ones who need to meet their challenges with their blessed gifts, which is why I say if you find yourself in chaos thank the Lord for you are well on your way!

I believe that truth is the basis for the manifestation of all other virtues.
We are filled with boundless love but if we are not truthful we virtually lock away our love. What does that do for you?

Love is, if anything, the greatest gift but it is worth nothing if locked away. Love only has value when given away when it becomes precious beyond gold. In fact true love enables the manifestation of empathy and compassion which expects nothing in return. In this respect it is transformed into what most humans find difficult to contemplate never mind express and that is Unconditional Love! The Love of the Lord.

It is the chain from the first link of truth through love to empathy and compassion that leads through the circle of peace and righteousness and back to truth which if everyone on Earth could wear such a necklace would change the world for ever into a place of peace, harmony and love.

Remember that your strength is in your strongest link and let that link be truth. Can you see how this chain of command if accepted by everyone would bring about the Oneness which so many crave?

And if this were a reality on Earth there would be no debate as to how we could bring peace on Earth or how to achieve happiness for we humans, in one giant leap for mankind, would have reached the level of consciousness that is constant happiness.

May truth, peace and happiness be with us all!
Hanukah & the Angel


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