Paradise for Sale 26

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
Nothing from Paradise last weekend.
But when we got back home after a glorious time with family in England, on opening the door to the dining room our first reaction was, as in the ‘Birdcage’ (La Cage aux Folles) with Robin Williams, to shout “We’ve been robbed!”
26b DINING 1
Then we remembered we sold the table and chairs and this, would you believe, is the smaller of the two main reception rooms, and another three minor ones besides? My daughter the dancer suggested opening a Line Dancing Club, which she used to teach and I used to dance! No partners needed!
But on reflection it just gives prospective buyers an idea of the scope of the place. Any offers?
Love David


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6 Responses to Paradise for Sale 26

  1. cat says:

    hmmm, o them line dancers, I don’t know ’bout them 🙂 … how about me opening a clogging club in your house instead … 🙂” frameborder=”0 …. 🙂 Love, cat.


  2. Some one surely must just LOVE your home David.. its beautiful.. and Unique.. I Hope you are still envisioning it SOLD, and with a Happy Family running riot in those big rooms.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend what is left of it David.. 🙂


    • David says:

      Thanks for your loving thoughts Sue and yes we think of nothing else. Enjoy your Sunday evening … we are in the middle of a storm and lost phone and Internet once already … just love living in the countryside!! Love, David

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