You will no doubt be amazed at the number of times the subject of “Knowing thyself” comes up! But one of the things that is of great importance is to get away from the human habit, usually promoted by overbearing parents expecting far too much from their children and expecting at the same time for them to follow their own ways, ideas and hopes for the future. If that isn’t duality I don’t know what is!

The problem for us to overcome is not to let anyone’s expectations of us to rule or channel our lives into avenues that may please our parents or others, but make us unnaturally unhappy. It is baggage that in knowing ourselves will come to the surface if not already realised which we can then deal with, let go of and finally go on our own happy way.

Parents, the culture and society in which we live set us goals which we are expected to achieve which if we fail to meet will make us, according to others, ‘persona non grata’! Honour thyself! Nothing else matters.

It has again amazed some when I commented that ‘nothing is ever finished’ especially if they are consumed by the pursuit of perfection, which I tried to explain does not exist. If the Universe or anything within it was perfect then all would be in a state of stasis, and who would be the judge of perfection? Since if it were achieved there would be no room for improvement! No! All is in a state of becoming!

Becoming what? You may ask. Becoming greater, becoming smaller, expanding or contracting, but simply for us becoming better in every way. Imagine the Soul leaving the Source with the promise to return having had the experience of a particular life in a particular place enabling it to return to the Source purer in every way. Let our lives be of similar patterns!

When considering your goal: Achievement of your goal does not mean that is the end of it, for it is the achievement or the journey to reach the goal that is important and once achieved something else opens out in front of you, which is why I say nothing is ever finished.

Folks fancy that Ascension is a one step jump instead of a continuing journey which is the same as the journey to enlightenment. Step by step your challenge to access, acknowledge, understand and cleanse each Chakra from the Base up, with the goal of raising the Kundalini to the level of the Crown is a another journey, the first step if you like on the ladder of light. But once achieved do you not think that each and every Chakra will still need your daily attention? Just so!

The snapshot in an Earthly moment is like a photo of your aura, if that were possible, which is produced by your Chakras changing every moment of every day as the spiritual manifestation according to how your physical body is in terms of health and Well-being.

Most of our students and I guess many on the Spiritual Path take all of their learning so seriously that they miss the most important Divine Directive which is that your search must be for happiness and joy!

If your pursuit of perfection involves a race for the highest paid job stepping on all who get in your way, forget it because you are heading for if not a physical fall, then a trip from the top of the ladder of enlightenment or from the level that you may have achieved in spiritual terms to the rock bottom where you can only start from scratch again.

So your journey must be joyful otherwise there is no point! In my book my joy must include the joy of others, otherwise again there would be no point to my journey.

My postulate that the purpose of life of happiness was greeted with the assertion that I must be hedonistic, but when it is appreciated that my happiness comes from teaching, healing and helping others the hedonist disappears back in time possibly to my ancestor members of the Hell Fire Club of 1720 in London, England.

My only goal is to be of service, service to mankind and thereby service also to the Lord Logos. There is a purpose set for me to follow in this life and I follow the path of service advised by guides and helpers to follow the path of teaching and helping others admittedly of like mind who need help in meeting their challenges. You might say that I am therefore preaching to the converted, but my reply would be that many of the converted may be of like mind, but are still searching for answers to life’s eternal challenges and I do my best to provide the right answers for each individual.

Others even have difficulty in realising their own goals, most of the time because they do not know themselves and cannot contemplate anything outside of their present comfort zones, thinking themselves unworthy of the immense power that lies within. My quest is to allow them through gentle advice to find that power allowing them to follow their true purpose with the help of Hanukah & the Angel.


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6 Responses to GOAL

  1. David welcome back.. and I apologise for missing your absence .. The Dreamwalker world has been very Busy,, More so in retirement would you believe.. ( yes you would ) 🙂

    Your posts David always reach out and make us think.. I totally agree with what you said here…
    ” So your journey must be joyful otherwise there is no point! In my book my joy must include the joy of others, otherwise again there would be no point to my journey.”.. I so agree… or what IS the point! 🙂


  2. cat says:

    I realise this quite a bit beside the point you are making, David … but I meant to ask … since you are a chef … please sent some recipes involving leaks … I love the sight and the smell of them, but don’t have a clue how to prepare them into edible dishes … ckpeacemaker@msn.com … Thanks … Love, cat.


    • cat says:

      .. you might not wanna publish this comment … but an email would be very much appreciated … thanks 🙂


    • David says:

      Apart from the recipe of my daughter’s chicken pie sent by e-mail:
      I used to prepare 30 portions of leek and potato soup for the Psychic Suppers we held at the Spìritualist Church in Gossops Green, Crawley, England in the distant past! Can’t recall the proportions but essentially it was leeks and potatoes in the main followed by anything I had in the larder like carrots, celery and onion but not garlic as some were averse to it, but it meant that it was always different in flavour just as a Bistro should be – using whatever is available locally – and they always seemed to enjoy it. The main course was from the local Chippy delivered to the Church with a choice of chicken and chips or fish and chips. With a medium at each table of six everyone shared a meal and got a message to boot. Happy days 🙂


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