It is a fact that many become bored by the chores they feel they must do day after day. They even loathe and hate their necessity and repetition ruled by the clock. You will often hear the complaint: It only seems like 5 minutes ago that I had to cook a meal and wasn’t it yesterday that I did the cleaning when it was actually a week ago!

Breathe … and think for a moment, then imagine that someone who loves you very much will be coming to see you and admire your clean home and enjoy the meal which you have prepared. All of a sudden the energy of the work you have done to achieve these offerings takes on a totally new vibration.

You will begin to see that in pleasing the one who loves and admires you so much and relishes what you provide, that you are filled with joy in wanting to do the very best for the one who loves you.

Now whenever you pick up a cleaning cloth or a preparation knife and cooking pot think of these proposed actions as acts of loving service for the one who not only loves you, but is the provider of everything that you need, now you can add gratitude to your acts of loving service.

If you toiled in the fields or your garden to grow the produce or stood in a queue at the market to purchase what you need to cook, you can also add a blessing of thanks to Mother Nature for her provision and add the blessing to your acts of service and gratitude.

You see where this is heading? This theme grows and grows in your awareness the more you concentrate on the acts of giving, receiving and blessing in gratitude.

It is never a good idea to complain since you will only receive more and more to complain about! But the more you create with love and joy and blessing in your heart, in the conscious appreciation of others more than yourself the more you will receive of the same.

In so doing you begin to realise that the one who loves you so much is none other than the Source, the Lord Logos, God or Allah himself for whom you carry out every act of loving service. The more that you work in this way the more you will be blessed and the more light will enter your life for you to share with others on your pathway to enlightenment.

It is in this context that the repetition rather than an unwanted chore becomes like a mantra or a chant of the name of the Divine because with every act of service you become aware of the presence, and you allow yourself to see that same presence in everyone you meet, and you will begin to feel that presence like an invisible cloud of Grace around you. Our second sky!

You will not eat the same food every day, so that the different ingredients are like the different words of prayers which you may use when speaking to the Divine and when you share what you prepare with others you are sharing a Divine gift, a prayer to the Divine and transmitting His light and His Grace to others.

In this way you are assuming your rightful place as the light of the world in transmitting the Divine light to others even if they do not realise its importance and relevance to them, they will see the difference in you and recognise a change as the light shines through your smiling face.

It is equally important whether cooking, praying or meditating not to be ruled by the clock but to be spontaneous. For instance those in monasteries are ruled by the bell and they pray or chant at the times prescribe by that sound, not because they want to but because they are told to!

Whether you pray out loud or in your mind, whether you meditate in a noisy bus or on a walk in the woods let it be spontaneous. There is no right or wrong time, but your time is the right time for you and you will know when you feel like praying, cooking, meditating or cleaning. Above all be spontaneous for the Lord is with you always, waiting for your recognition!

Communicating to God is one thing but equally important is to communicate with your body by talking to your body and directing your thoughts to areas of concern. There is a much greater chance of inviting Well-being into every cell of your being when every cell feels the vibrations of your loving attention and responds to your caring thoughts with joy and health especially when spontaneous.

One of the ways of aiding the immune system of your body to maintain good health and Well-being is to concern yourself with the seat of immunity which is in your gut. You can do this so easily by missing a meal and giving your digestive system a short rest.

From my own experience, of many diets since I only have to look at a packet of biscuits to put on pounds, an all day fast can leave me feeling dizzy and dangerous, but to miss a spontaneous meal when the body least expects it allows those naughty pounds to fade away!

If inclined communicate in a spontaneous way with Hanukah & the Angel.


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