Whatever faith you follow
Whatever ritual you perform
Whatever mantras you mumble,
Whatever prayers you speak
Whether within or out loud,
To whomsoever you pray
To practice mindfulness
In your meditation
Wherever that may be.
Whatever else you do
Keep these as your daily spiritual practice
In your search for the awareness
Both within and without
For the Kingdom of God is here
Inside you and around you.
Seek and ye shall find
If you refuse to begin the journey
For fear of consequences
You will have achieved nothing
And your life will become barren.
Be brave and look with kindness
Upon yourself and upon others
Share your story of the moment.
Join hands on your journey
And ascend the mountain together
Reaching forward to search the way
To overcome the boulders on your path
Reaching back to help others
Who may find the challenge difficult.
Practice is the Way!
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to PRACTICE

  1. cat says:

    Your words continue to be good for my soul, David … as you might remember I have extensive knowledge about religious matters since I spent 9 years I a monastery … still very interested … as it was my first love … how can you ever forget your first love, right? … but also proud to be free of all this … ya … Love, cat.


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