There was a time when we would have said that there needed to be more research into consciousness and maybe that is still true, but now it seems that within a certain section of the population man, and of course woman, has become obsessed with consciousness, but with to a great degree misunderstanding.

Some are content to concentrate on the machinery that facilitates our waking thoughts and responses to thoughts, from inside and also from outside of ourselves, concerning themselves on the sparks that jump the gaps when the stimuli cause excitations to specific branches of the brain.

Others trying to become familiar with and to fathom the depths of consciousness, having first admitted to themselves that it does exist, but then feeling more like potholers who explore a cave only to find that it leads them to find 100 miles of limestone tunnels and caverns within a mountain, which must at one time have been beneath an ocean, and still more to map! Where to go, where to go?

All in similarity to the convoluted corridors of consciousness that take on the track of eternal entrances and exits to the magnificent maze of the mind.

Mind of course being synonymous with Spirit which as we all understand has a will of its own, despite the projected path envisaged by the Soul, has its own ideas of how to explore, proceed and project itself into this life experience and still there are those who imagine that they can fathom the depths of another’s consciousness!

It’s a bit like imagining that it is possible to unravel the meaning of each other’s dreams which only have meaning to the dreamer. Dreams which come from the consciousness are a replay in different form of events that happened during our day and play out again to alleviate fears, worries and concerns that appeared in our waking consciousness.

Without having witnessed every event and every associated thought including the promoted symbols, fears and worries how can anyone else ever hope to interpret or diagnose the dream of another?

There are of course those dreams which come from other sources such as The Source in view of its immense overview and possible spiritual projection, knowing what that projection holds for us individually, that a gentle hint or warning may be appropriate in order for us to recognise without too much concern of dangers that may confront us in the near future.

Essentially though most of the inspiration for our dreams comes from the happenings promoted by our Spirit or waking consciousness whether we like it or not.

Remembering that we are the only beings with the gift of consciousness which came with the Soul while all other life forms have varying levels of instinct or volition concurrent with who and what they are and the environment in which they live.

It is of course a truism that we have kept some of our own instinctive patterns inherited from our sub-human state before we were able to accept the advent of the Soul with its gift of consciousness.

The most obvious at this time is manifesting in the way many nations are experiencing the sudden rise in health costs due to obesity and diabetes which stems from the rising out of poverty, the growth of wealth in the middle classes and the ability to purchase more and more sustenance, not limited to two or three meals a day, but snacking almost constantly throughout the day or as the Americans coined it – ‘Grazing’!

This comes from the pre-consciousness era when it was necessary to fill our bellies while we could because we never knew where the next meal was coming from and the addiction to sweet things issues from the need to tell that sweet fruit was ripe enough to eat without making us sick.
So how should we care for our consciousness?

It is essential to understand the nature of our being of which consciousness, synonymous with mind and Spirit is only one part. One part of the Trinity which exists within us of Soul, Spirit and Body. Bringing the three together in our HPT meditation where each of the three has its opportunity for expression is paramount to the care of consciousness and ultimately the Soul and in passing the Body!
With Love from Hanukah & the Angel _/\_


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