Many years ago there was a prediction about the Great Britain of the past, which was based upon Empire that dwindled despite our Queen or King remaining Head of State to many, but essentially the many conduct themselves as republics!

However, the prediction was that Britain which we now call the United Kingdom would be Great once again. It is strange how predictions can be of an allegorical nature not showing the actual physical or spiritual result until we are at that moment and can see the true relevance on all levels for ourselves when the allegory becomes reality. Why should we be spoon fed with no room for intelligence to be exercised? You could say that the Bible and Crop Circles fall into the same category!

It became a doubtful concept with the emotional run up to the Scottish Referendum whose result we now know is to stay as part of that United Kingdom.

With the result of 45% to cede and 55% to stay connected many passionate arguments on both sides, mainly with the emphasis on the economic changes, pitfalls and advantages the one aspect which I saw missing from the passion, which seems to have been swayed by the older generation, has remained hidden. Or maybe not even considered!

Notwithstanding the Presbyterian bias I believe especially in the hearts of those of my generation there is an awareness of the spiritual nature of the bonds that span the borders of the Kingdom between our cousins, brothers and sisters in Ireland, Wales and of course Scotland.

The Prediction was that Britain would be Great once again, not in the sense of Empire, but in the Spiritual Sense.

Of course I have friends and relatives north of the border whose opinions on the matters of devolution and indeed on spirituality differ greatly. Some will appreciate the spiritual significance of staying together and others will not, but to me as a country of such ancient heritage from its mainland to the islands, only matched by my own place of birth in the South of England, the spiritual aspect is more important for staying together than all the other arguments for or against.

It is therefore with great joy that I greeted the result of the referendum and I sincerely hope and trust that Westminster will see it as a wakeup call to respect the will of the people in all countries and stand by their promises to give the peoples more say in the management of their own affairs whether they be Scots, Welsh or Irish.

I guess it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: I would ask all those of like mind who feel as I do that we are better together in our quest for Oneness so that the effort we put in trying to keep people together to help them to know themselves on a level far different from those expressed in the two campaigns must continue.

We know that despite the opposites of elation and sadness that divide Scotland still this morning, Friday, there is forever the need for us all to find peace within our hearts which we can then share with not only the rest of the kingdom, but with the rest of the world.

It is interesting for me to notice the similarity between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of God which I believe is here with us now within us and around us, if only we would recognise it, and the fact that Scotland has decided to stay united which on the spiritual level can only add to the vibration of Oneness so necessary for our future evolution and indeed Ascension.

In fact the ancient history of the United Kingdom goes back much further than the history books will tell, to a time when the greatest gift of consciousness was given to humans and it happened in the United Kingdom which at that time was part of Europe. To divide still further would have been, I believe, spiritual suicide. On the other hand to stay together was the only way forward on the path to Ascension.

Lets us stay together in love and peace rather than disaffection.
With love from Hanukah & the Angel to all peoples who make up the union of Great Britain and to all mankind whose Union is One. _/\_


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4 Responses to PREDICTION

  1. The only way forward in this world David is in unity together in Oneness… We have a ways to go.. but even though I thought Scotland would vote to leave the UK… I am pleased its now brought about more debate and hopefully more integration …
    Enjoyed reading your post David.. thank you


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