You know what they say: If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

One of the hardest of lessons to learn, especially for young and enthusiastic healers – you can’t heal them all despite how they seem to need your help!


I remember a young nurse who recognised her own healing gift and joined our group, but unfortunately, due to her work, saw so many in need that she tried to help them all, but she became the one most in need of help and sadly had to give up the day job as a consequence.


There is no doubt in my mind that in order to help others we need first and foremost to receive their request directly, to get to know them better than they know themselves on more levels than perhaps they are aware and then agree to time and place for healing to proceed together.


With respect for others we must allow them to live their lives as they would wish and not how we believe they should be corrected! There is a lesson that all educators should understand in the great truism that there is no way that we can change anyone for change can only come from within.


I recall the words of one of the communicators at our church in England that one of the ways that we are recognised by our guides and helpers is by the unique vibration which we all emit.


Reminding me of the Biblical statement about the end of days and the seeming impossibility of the judgement between the quick and the dead and wondering how on Earth in a crowded room there would be any chance of distinguishing between us and there you have it, it’s all in the vibration!


You see, we are all unique in more ways and on more levels than you could possibly imagine. What chance then would anyone have of hoping to change anyone else when we are all emitting that unique vibration or waveform pattern that distinguishes us from everyone else. The fact is that we cannot change anyone else only to help others to change themselves if they so wish!


You may think that the way people behave cries out for help, but what if those same people are perfectly happy with the way they are, the lives they lead and that they enjoy. When you look at the disenchanted youth of today who have no jobs, no chance of finding a job or a stable lifestyle you may consider that they are damaged goods since they will be driven to the kind of extremes which may shock the rest of the world.


Do you never consider the way the rest of the world behaves and prepares those same conditions, which the youth find themselves in today that makes us therefore responsible?


Or do you blame the self interested and corrupt governments around the world?

But hang on, did you not have a hand in bringing at least one of those same governments to power in the country in which you live, or at least you had the possibility to vote if you wished?


There is an enormous responsibility on any educator if they imagine they can solve this perennial problem, which is why so many descend into psychological problems of their own, but I believe that there is one sure fire answer and one of which there is an element of truth in every religion and which is the need for everyone to be aware of and connected to the energy of the Source or God.


My heart goes out to all who imagine that they are atheist for I believe that if they had the courage to look deeply within themselves they would find, become aware of and therefore give themselves the opportunity to allow that amazing energy into their lives and reap its eternal benefit.


Each of us is responsible in the very first instance to ensure that the vibration which we emit is of the right frequency in order for the partnership of Body and Spirit to steer the life experience along the path foreseen by the ultimate partnership of Soul and Higher Self or Source towards happiness.


To expect interference by the Source in our lives or other lives even at our intercession would be a fantasy since the energy of the Source is, in human terms, like a constant beam of loving encouragement towards joy for ourselves, never mind what others think, say or do. They are certainly not broken and we are in no position to mend them even if they were.


All we can ever do is to encourage them to recognise, allow and accept that beam of love and never deny it. With Love, Hanukah & the Angel _/\_



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3 Responses to HELPING OTHERS

  1. dilipnaidu says:

    A beautiful message on ‘helping others’ in the right way. Even though we wish to help first give it a thought or it may not help.


  2. cat says:

    I’m always helping others, but who is helping me? … maybe that’s cuz I’m crying inside all the time … I love your words, David … always have and always will … Love, cat.


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