(Not really a Poem, more of a soliloquy)

Our individual journeys crossed continents several times before we came to the conclusion that we both had the same vision of the future and decided to make it a reality together.

However, the unsought for retreat to Spain turned out in fact to be a complete reversal of fortune, since the vision and ultimate intention which we had, to provide the space for peace, reflection and meditation for others was, unbeknown to us at first, turned on its head.

The quest became remedial, not for people in person at first, but for the fabric of places pleading for restoration, rebuilding and cleansing via blessing. We both become the instruments used by unseen directors to bring about the necessary physical and spiritual changes called for, due to the histories of the places we were blessed to call home.

In case you are not aware it is a little known fact that we need to work across the dimensions in order to achieve restorations in both places and people. We have through various experiences both become aware over many years of this essential collaboration in order to facilitate healing on a grand scale across the many divides and levels of our existence in duality.

In the process of this pursuit of our true purpose which we followed dutifully as directed, we also became the recipients of the benefits of our eleven year retreat into what has been described to us by our friends in high places as a time of dryness, for me a time of learning the value of solitude and for us both a period of exponential education as we gradually became aware of our teachers and their truths, with the added bonus of benefitting our own beliefs, which have seemed to crystallise over the last four years of our sojourn in Spain.

We journeyed from our first landing place in the cold white winters of the high mountain Sierras where water froze in the mains to the blistering heat of the summer sun nearer to the sea, where it became too hot to work, but nevertheless carrying out our remedial works in both places, at times to suit our aging physicality, as we became aware of the purpose in providing restorations and cleansings not for ourselves but for others.

Throughout all of this we grew through a growing awareness of the unseen, joining the view that what is seen in reality is in fact illusory, but for us and all of our kind we believe serving a very real purpose in the experience of incarnation whose main beneficiary is of course the Soul.

In all the changes to the formulas and plans created in our logical minds, which we imagined would facilitate our dream vision, our connection through intuition and for me meditation there was and is no room for regret, only of gratitude.

As always we look forward to the future which we have no doubt will bring its own changes and challenges to our perceived purpose enabling us to follow our guides to a new home on a different continent with opportunities to share our gifts with those in need and in so doing bring the Soul experience to new levels of understanding, awareness and happiness, for all concerned.

For in truth our lives have been endowed with riches beyond wealth or words which we are and will be privileged to share.

This sounds on re-reading like a tribute solely to the spiritual side of our sojourn but it must be said that a balance became born out of the need for certain physical elements that ownership of property demands and also the need to express the creative gifts that we have been blessed to receive.

We know that our friends of like mind will understand this essential balance necessary for our mutual evolution and would like to share with all of our readers the need not to concentrate on the spiritual or just the physical facet.

In balancing please believe that this is the answer to all life’s challenges, in truth the exercise and balance between all of our individual gifts is important for not only our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution, but most importantly for the experience of the Soul which projected our path before we were born.


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  1. Thanks, David – a very good explanation. May the move you seek come true! W.


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