The debate goes on, but most of us of perhaps a religious upbringing even if not practising but inherent belief, that somewhere in the corridors of consciousness there is a vibration that some would call conscience, which despite the situation would tell us the basic truth and differentiation of right from wrong.

We know that whatever weapon we pick up the thought if not the contemplation of any act is basically wrong considering the harm that we are then capable of inflicting either on ourselves or on others. This is the basic responsibility which we cannot under any circumstances or clever legal argument get away from.

We are responsible for any and every action we may take and we know that to cause harm of any kind is wrong whatever the state of mind that we or others may claim to prove at the time. As Baba puts it ‘himsa’ being harm and ‘ahimsa’ no harm!

There is only the one exception and that is the killing sufficient only for food. Indigenous tribes in the Amazon still to this day will bless the plant whose leaf they cut either for food or for the poison to immobilise their prey they need to kill for food which also receives their blessing and they did not receive this ritual from any conquistadores!

Theirs is an inherent wisdom of the nature of nature and the original divine plan for man to become the caretakers of Earth instead of the rapists responsible for its desperate depletion for which the rest of us must be held accountable.
So who is wrong now?

To take further lessons from our brothers and sisters in the jungles of the world we all are connected to the Divine whether we call it that, allow it or acknowledge it, we are nevertheless the closest of all beings on Earth to the Divine Being.

Their time is governed by the rising and the setting of the sun which varies throughout the year and so they live by the seasons. They value each other for the unique contribution that each can bring to their family and tribe.

They have no computers, televisions or radios with which to while away and waste their precious twilight hours which they use to communicate and exchange, sort differences and cement the close relationships between each other and the natural world that surrounds them.

They never become over populated like certain smog bound cities round the world where the human population behaves like the inhabitants of an ant hill.
Is that what we have become? Slaves to an all powerful queen that continues to produce more and more of us to carry on the slave race?

Haven’t we been there before? Isn’t that what the slave race of sub-humans was before we gradually received the God-gene?

Is it in fact the time for the new race of man to come into being? One that knows not only right from wrong, but also abides by it, there are some of us who have a higher IQ than most but the question must be asked:
Do they use their intelligence for the greater good or do they continue to design and manufacture machines of mass destruction?

We know that there are humans being born right now, and for some little time already, who have not only a higher IQ but a greater inherent wisdom which makes man made laws, rules and regulations seem insignificant compared to their higher genius which being born into this ailing world may just be our saving grace!

A Grace which until now has been hidden in our second sky descending like a constant cloud of blessing to every one of us if only we would acknowledge it in every minute of every day. Sadly though most of us deny it or assume it only comes to us on occasions or if we are good. How strange!

It is of course impossible to define good which encompasses so much but at the same time leaves out so much, but here’s a thought:
What if we could ignore the difference since good for one is bad for another and vice versa, but take another lesson from our brothers and sisters in the wilds of the world.

Who would you say was most aware of the Grace of God?
Who would you say, without perhaps being able to put words to it, which after all would have to be in anthropomorphic form for most of us to be able to understand, them or us?

So who is wrong and who is right?

It is said that the making of man was the invention of the plough! The machine that destroys the natural land with its symbiotic layers of beneficial interrelationship that exist below ground and out of sight which man has therefore said does not exist so keep ploughing and destroying!

We now know that these methods although allowing us to feed millions more, as long as the ground is laced with unnatural chemicals, and seeds are genetically modified and patented, farmers across the globe cannot afford to farm in this way anymore and are committing suicide in their thousands.

Who is wrong now?

I love this planet, I love its beauty, its diversity and original potential for the race of man. I love those who came from afar to give us the greatest gift of the God-gene, that gave us consciousness.

Do you think it is at all possible for us to draw back from the brink and are the new generation of mankind able to steer us in the right direction this time removing greed from the equation?

Ask yourself the ultimate question: are you aware of your connection to the Divine and do you allow it to manifest through you every minute of every day?
That’s not wrong that is right and it is the only right worth considering with Hanukah & the Angel _/\_


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