Paradise for Sale 24

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
24a Old Front Door
This is the old front door with the pergola courtesy of yours truly with two vines one black and one green, both for the table.

Now all I can say is: Wow! Against all the odds, what a harvest of almonds!
As you see baskets and baskets. We could sell them but since almonds and apricot kernels are magic as a preventative to cancer we have them on our cereal and fruit every morning, except today Sunday of course when the chef Mr V spoils us with wholegrain pancakes, fresh lemon juice and maple syrup, fresh brewed coffee and fruit juice!
Spoilt or what? How do you downsize on that? Less pancakes?
We feel for the neighbours who did not irrigate against the drought, but our secret system underground paid dividends with, as you see, baskets of the most beautiful nuts from most of our trees, although those outside the range of the special ingredients remained too small to pick and were returned to the soil.
We have been practicing the art of giving back to nature what she produces for some years now within the limitations of the local land, composting and mulching all of the fruit and nut trees which seems to be paying off and no doubt future owners will benefit from in the long run.
Love David


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