Some call it Source Energy and others refer to it as the Law of Attraction.

Many moons ago as a rooky spiritualist I attended many classes, residential courses and healing seminars with different organisations in order to get a rounded view. I also studied with many different Shiatsu Masters in order to find the method that suited me best.

It was, if you like the forerunner to healing proper, getting used to the meridians and sensing energies in the bodies and of course to the bodies of both sexes themselves, of which as you know there are many shapes, colours and sizes.

I was also taught about the difference between prayer and meditation, the latter being listening and the former talking to the Divine. However it was impressed upon me that there was so much pollution on the Earth and in its atmosphere that the prayers had to be cleansed and polished before they could be passed on into the presence of the Divine Being passed between the layers or levels until they could reach the upper layers in all purity, polished and cleansed as befitting the Divine presence.

As usual this train of thought emanated from the clouded consciousness of humans who were only too aware of their own need for cleansing in every respect and as usual consequently passed it on to their appreciation of the Divine and thence to us gullible students!

My dear friends nothing could be further from the truth! But how often do you find this – that many if not all religions pass on their own human foibles and deficiencies and traits of vengeance to their concepts of whichever Divinity they worship, though in this context I wonder if worship is the right word sounds more like using Post-it Notes to paper over our own inadequacies!

How close are you to the Divine?
Do you see yourself divorced from any concept of God, Allah or the Logos?
In fact it being many levels above the basic level of your meagre humanity here on Earth?

The fact is that you could not be closer to your own concept of the Divine for the part of the Divine, variously referred to as the Soul or the Spark of the Divine Fire resides within you and therefore you are in constant contact with that of which you are part. In other words the Divine itself whether you like to admit it, accept it or reject it!

Any prayer that you say within your mind or verbalise is immediately accepted by the Divine or the Source. Not only that, even at the stage of your thoughts which create their own vibration there is an acceptance and a response. A response that is for your highest good! Now that might be a bit difficult for you to accept for the stuff that comes your way you might not accept as for your Well-being but believe me it is so and so it is! That is the nature of Source Energy.

Yes! A response! As I say some call it the Law of Attraction or the reflection of the Source Energy. Remember that however lonely or desperate you may feel, you are always close to the Divine, and wherever you are is where you are meant to be for your highest good.

It may even seem like absolute chaos, but that too is where you are meant to be for you to rise to the challenge of that chaos and to show how you can use the gifts which you have been blessed with. The maxim is that even if you find yourself up to your neck in fertilizer it’s how you cope with it that counts and source energy will be there to see you through it.

Experience is the stuff of life which is why your Soul came into incarnation in the first place so make the most of every situation that you find yourself in. In fact in your family, in your country and the particular environment in which you find yourself whether you like it or not, pressing always towards happiness.

Should you wish desire or want to better yourself that too is part of your Soul experience, but in that case because it is primarily to do with your environment and culture it is more to do with your Spirit and is accepted by the Soul.

As always be very careful what you ask for in your prayers for you may receive exactly what you request. Smiling: Hanukah & the Angel _/\_


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