In any confrontation or fight why would you use up your own energy when you could use the energy of your opponent against him or her? Rather than deplete yourself why not weaken them using their own power? Remember – yielding is the way of the Tao! Ask any Marshal Arts Master.

Consider a cork floating in a still and placid pond.
Should you consider the cork as obscuring your view and the still reflection of the unbroken surface of the water you may try to get rid of the cork by hitting it.
But the more you hit the cork the more it bounces back to the surface causing ripples in the water and obscuring your view even more. Leaving the cork alone the gentlest of breezes will move it slowly out of your view with barely any movement on the surface of the pond.

When an unwanted thought enters the mind in your meditation the more you concentrate on the thought the more power it receives and the greater it looms in your consciousness. If you recognise the thought for what it is, giving it no further concentration and allow it to drift away and out of your consciousness, applying the same stratagem to all thought, just like allowing the cork to drift away you will begin to enjoy the space of no thought.

As a young child with divorced parents in time of war both contributing towards the war effort like any child in similar circumstances I felt deserted. Not only that I reacted against the imposed authorities whom I considered had no right to order me about and carried that issue with authority into adulthood, pushing against their impositions every time with a first reaction being NO! I never had a problem with the ‘No’ word!

Contrary to that reaction of course being immersed like the rest of us in duality, almost in the same breath, I would try to please all and sundry including those I saw as my persecutors. It is via this experience throughout my life that I have tried to bring the pendulum to rest at the point of balance of all the opposites that exist within my consciousness.

Manifested by a simple ritual which could easily be mistaken by the Christian or uninitiated to my way, that in the crossing I do not imitate any other but merely bring the joining of the higher to the lower potentials and a balancing of the opposites to the centre, which in common terminology could be seen as allowing the connection of the Base to the Crown and the raising of the Kundalini. As in physics when the pendulum comes to rest the energy rises up the pendulum to its highest point!

We can take the point of pushing to its ultimate expression in the way in which we react to the acts or opinions of others. Bearing in mind that no one has the right to judge us it should not concern us as to their own opinions or their unnatural judgements of ourselves. Other people’s opinions can only affect us if we allow their opinions to affect our opinions, otherwise they should not affect us at all.

However, if we take the position of the one who is determined to get rid of the cork and hits it harder and harder, in other words we push against the opinions of others whether they are in authority over us or not you can see where that will lead us.

Consider again the energetic nature of consciousness where even before thought we send out a vibration to the Universe, to the Source which will respond in like manner to the vibration which we emit. Remember: before we have consciously thought about it! What are we contemplating, what are we thinking about doing?
Yielding or Pushing?

By Pushing we give more power to the one we push against, but by yielding we allow them to feel no resistance and they may even trip or fall in thought, opinion or action!

Even if you find yourself in the minority, the majority cannot affect you own opinions and vibrations, but be aware that your opinions and vibrations are your own and only if you push against the majority can they affect you in any way.

There is a lot to be said for keeping your own counsel especially when you find yourself under threat and in the minority, so share only with those of like mind whom you trust and have no need to push against. As we would hope never to push against you, merely to help you to understand better where you find yourself on your pathway to happiness. With Love, Hanukah & the Angel _/\_


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