You are walking along a street and suddenly a young child walks out between two parked cars right into the path of a passing cyclist. He or she is bowled over, the cyclist shoots over the handlebars onto the road and both are slightly, but not fatally injured.

What is it that surges into the mind and into your blood stream?

After the first rush of compassion and accompanying adrenaline I run forward to assess which is the worst hit and immediately reach for my phone while making sure there is no further danger. In days gone by, before mobiles, I would have yelled for help for someone to call an ambulance while I brought my First Aid skills to bear.

This scenario is of course immediate but there are many others where we see the devastation and poverty that people have to put up with and something similar, but maybe not quite as immediate, happens within us. When you are surrounded with poverty in extremes you never dreamt of as I was in India it is difficult to make any choice and you certainly cannot help all that demands your attention, your compassion and need to help comes at you like an overwhelming wave of devastation. I love you India!

Quite often that something occurs before we even have time to assess a situation since every event has the potential to influence everything around it through the invisible mystical matrix of energy transference which is passed between conscious beings and reflected back and forth before our waking consciousness has time to click into operation. And let’s face it all of our reactions are in different gears!

Your reaction to the above scenario, other traumatic event or sudden happening totally beyond your control may surprise you especially if you consider yourself to be of a macho, unconcerned or selfish disposition.

To take it to a current extreme: If you are presently serving with IS it might not only surprise but also shame you for even having had such feelings of compassion. What would your solution be? You could not allow such feelings to be known or shared with your compadres for your own life would be in danger. Your solution would be quite the reverse, but to you outwardly at least and certainly to them it would be good!

It seems that seldom is the solution to sit and do nothing, but to act in the way that may be seen as the best way forward which to the rest of humanity may be seen as the worst way to act for the good of the whole, which would not be the right reaction to comply with the philosophy of IS.

How do we, the rest of the world, appalled at the way IS works find a solution to the current crisis where women and girls can be kidnapped and sold as slaves and men beheaded at the flick of a knife? No charge of course to the brigade soldiers of the IS itself for a female slave and all honour to the one willing to kill for the Caliphate.

Talking of charge: How does the rest of the world overcome the limitless income of the Islamic State which employs every trick in the book of every criminal element that ever trod the earth to finance their evil ways which again I have to say we see as evil but they see as the only way to interpret the Quran and therefore good? Could this be a wakeup call? Wake up EU, wake up UN, wake up US, wake up every civilised nation! For Humanity’s sake wake up!

History is repeating itself and still we are at a loss to find solutions to these perennial problems. When we go to war we never fully realise the long term consequences of our actions however good our intentions appear to be.

How is it that our idea of a solution never takes into consideration the full extent of the damage to the structure of society, the fabric of government and the mental damage to generations on both sides of any conflict or the long term vacuum that evil fills when we leave the field of battle and disarm a nation? For their own good?

We never seem to respond to the immediate vibration that comes into our consciousness when we see others in damaging, traumatic and awful situations.
If only we could! Sadly those immediate energies that come into our consciousness having been denied so long ago individually and en masse preclude even their recognition.

But just think if we could all recognise and respond in like manner sending healing energies of harmony, love and peace to everyone of those situations we would all become part of the remedy and part of the solution without even leaving our own home never needing to travel to foreign lands to fight a war!

Those in that situation would immediately feel the benefit of our combined efforts to bring solutions to their problems. If only you, you being not only our readers but the whole of the rest of humanity, could all join with Hanukah & the Angel in that endeavour. Amen to that.


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2 Responses to SOLUTION

  1. cat says:

    … have been assessing my situation for 32 years now … still assessing, and probably always will … u never cum 2 visit me @ blogger anymore, David … I wish u would … coffee is always on … 🙂 … Love, cat.


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