What inspires you?
My better half gave a message to a lady some time ago that a tall, dark and handsome stranger would come into her life! So she sat at home, shut the door and waited.

I wonder what she thought he would really be like and where he would come from. Knocking on the door with the milk or the post or just slide down the chimney at Christmas!

We are often chastised by those who think they know better for always wanting to do stuff and when we are not doing we feel guilty! So which is better? Sitting at home and waiting or getting up and going out to meet the world of experience?

It must beg the question, and I know it’s difficult to see it in action on a day to day basis, but in the long term how do you think that evolution is manifested? And on that day to day personal platform of individual experience, what is it that drives you forward, what is it that allows and attracts the Law of Attraction to provide you with what you desire in your life.

Well it certainly does not manifest through the act of sitting at home with the door shut and waiting for something to happen! How do you think a Soul would feel?

Let’s just look for a moment at the level of emotion in the human frame. Rather than sitting still, what do you think your arms and legs are for? Well, emotion is all about connection which we achieve using our legs and arms so that we can reach out to others and connect.

At the same time most of us who have dared to travel that particular path have realised that in order to relate or connect with anyone, there must be an element of trust that will incur allowing ourselves to become vulnerable, and accept to being blown off course, or at least out of our comfort zone, because the element of the heart is air.

If you have ever been in love you will know that one of the several experiences that you will enjoy is that of dancing on clouds of air! In fact it can be so exhilarating that euphoria can cloud the corridors of your consciousness, like a warm and humid breeze which is why a cold shower is quite often recommended to bring you back down to Earth and restore crystal clear thought!

What this does in fact is to ground you again which can easily be achieved by a barefoot walk in the park, the beach or the wilderness. And what can this do? Well it will bring the Kundalini back to the level of the base – your sure foundation, arguably the most important Chakra in your whole system.

The Law of Attraction requires something to respond to! Which my dear friends can only be the energetic response of you to life in general and to your own pursuit of happiness, which whether you know it or not provides the vibrational wave which can be responded to automatically by the Law.

Inspiration comes in many forms and from many places … that look across a crowded room is a great one to start with and can project either a Pandora’s box of tricks or the life of bliss you have dreamed of, so tread this path with care for there are many twists and turns and possible blind alleys!

It is a sad fact that the human race signed an unwritten contract many moons ago to reject the inspirations which were considered by those in power at the time to be from an undesirable source whereas in fact our intuition is only from the fountain of fortune and if we would only collect our courage and listen to its gently encouraging tones we would be a far wiser world than we currently manifest.

The Universe is not a static entity it is constantly in movement, if not expanding then contracting, and in order for you to get the most from life you need to be similarly in movement. We know that exercise of the body is good for us, exercise of the mind is beneficial, exercise of the eyes can preclude the need for glasses … need I go on?

Where do you think you are in the course of evolution?
We seem to spend so much of our time looking back at the past and wondering about the course of that evolution when our instrumentation, even to judge a date is not up to date, that we forget to be alive and in the pursuit of happiness in this present moment, for I have to tell you my friends we are on the very cusp of evolution, regardless of what has gone on before which if the truth were known is of no consequence whatsoever for it is done and done with!

There is only one place to be to get all the inspiration that you will ever need and that is in this present moment, the moment of action with Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. David, at last I am able to come along and catch up a little on your posts.. which never fail to inspire me.. Following our God Given gifts of intuition is what I am doing at the moment… And I smiled wide when I read your opening paragraph.As many sit waiting and do nothing to change their circumstances..
    I was inspired in this moment to visit.. as I am working my way down my list of to visits from the comments on my post.. I am getting there.. one moment at a time.. 🙂

    Much Love and Blessings sent your way.. And many thanks for your kind comments.. Sue x


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