Paradise for Sale 22

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
2a Front Porch
Well, having sold the dining room table and chairs it would be looking a bit bare but our buyer bless him has had a hard time in the local hospital so we will have to wait a while to clear the space which in the short time of 7 years that we have known it, has seen many faces – first an inside ‘outside kitchen’ when we bought the place, then converted into a library and now a dining room with a predominantly North American feel with Red Cloud looking down on us!
With a One Tribe Drum which has a gorgeous deep resonance, a Hopi flute inlaid with Turquoise and of course my ubiquitous piano we can make beautiful music. And here they are:
With every room on the ground floor wired for sound from the central point of the Sanctuary we can have a huge party! We are even leaving behind the stereo speakers with wiring intact in all rooms for immediate celebrations to commence.
Music from the orchards next door is of a different vibration as the massive collector begins to gather in the almond harvest this month.
So huge it’s difficult to see but hope you get the idea.
It drives up to a tree, spreads its huge umbrella like collecting scoop and shakes the tree with a fast vibration to dislodge all of the almonds. A slight difference to us spreading some dust sheet and banging the tree branches with sticks! Good fun though if there are enough of you and there’s plenty of lubrication! 
A Hard Hat is advised as it can be a bit like a hail storm if you are not careful!  
Love David


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2 Responses to Paradise for Sale 22

  1. cat says:

    … funny you mentioned the hard hat and the almond harvest, David… reminds me of my son insisting to go out into a hail storm with his motor cycle helmet on … greetings from the great white north … Always, cat.


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