Have you ever wondered how the Stem Cell Research works?
When you consider outside of the laboratory, but inside of you, there is a constant process going on of scarifying dead cells and replacing them with new ones.

Some absolutely crucial cells in the important organs like the eyes die and are replaced within 48 hours whereas others of the harder substances that give strength and stability to our bodies like our bones may take up to seven years to be replaced.

The questions still remain: How do the new cells know where to go and what to do when they get there?

Knowing that we cannot see our cells with our naked eyes and need powerful microscopes in order to view them, it may be hard for us to understand that when they come into being, and could be said to be alive, they each have a kind of consciousness which we can call volition.

It is therefore equally important for us to care for our minds and our bodies to enable the billions of cells within us to carry out their rightful functions without indulging ourselves in any aspect to inhibit the natural growth, expansion and operation of every system, organ and cell within our bodies, avoiding as much damage as possible.

Take an ant for instance: It is alive it has no brain, but it has a similar volition to the cells within us and works together with all of its comrades to enable the ant colony to function. They all know what to do.

We all have a multitude of different cells within us and the volition acts rather like magnetism attracting and calling together all similar cells. Since we all have cancer cells within us we can create, by the ways in which we eat drink and even think, setting up the vibrations with the right volition and the right conditions for those cancer cells to gather together and create a tumour!

You see the chain of consciousness which some even doubt has several forms from the single cell life forms to primitive forms of fish whose brains are like an elongation of a spinal cord to our friends the ants, then fish and birds, we come to the animals that function on instinct, where we all in the mammal family came from. Then we acted on instinct too before we became conscious human beings able to create and imagine and think for ourselves.

The decisions we make now are modified by morals, the immediacy of the moment and of course our cultural and religious heritage which as we are seeing today is where things can take a turn for the good of the few and the devastation and death of the many. From the cells that contain mitochondria and DNA to cells of a different kind, cells of containment in prisons and those that harbour the instruments of death and destruction.

Where did we go wrong when all we can do is to react in like manner and drop bombs on those who set out to kill others because they believe them to be guilty of heresy or for no reason just a different being and therefore an enemy?

The cell takes on a new and horrific meaning when instead of following the natural way of Well-being, health and happiness they become peopled by militant gun happy displaced and disenchanted youth from all over the world with a distorted idea of Divinity and the immoral codes of mankind.

When education is denied and replaced by brain washing we have only ourselves to blame! If we want to change the world there is only one place to start and that is within each one of us where we need to change the way we think firstly about ourselves, our cells and then about others.

Consider again all the billions of cells each with its own amazing intelligence within it: Now it may be difficult to take on board, but let me assure you that each of those minute intelligences or volitions responds to your own intelligence for within your own body your consciousness is the master intelligence.

What are you thinking right now?

Were you thinking unhealthy, hurtful, hateful thoughts?

Or was it of Well-being, peace, love, forgiveness, harmony and happiness?

So you tell me: What vibration were you sending out to each of the systems, organs and cells in your body? And what do you think their response would have been? You know when you think badly of yourself imagining all manner of illnesses, aches, pains and cancers you are actually killing off the relevant life giving cells in those areas and allowing the aches, pains and cancers the space to proliferate. Do remember that any cells that are killed off by often inadvertent thoughts can happen in seconds, but to replace them could take years if at all!

Even a rigid mental outlook could promote arthritis and a holding on and hoarding mentality could cause waterworks and bowel elimination problems. Now can you see how your mental state can actually affect every cell in your body? It has to be said it is not so much what goes into the body but what comes out of every orifice that matters! And that is just about us, not even considering the response to our vibrations by the Universe itself!

Be careful what you think my friends! It is not at all mamby-pamby or silly to think nice happy, healthy and loving thoughts, especially while communicating with your body! It could make all the difference to your health, and once you are feeling good you can then apply those same thoughts to everyone you love, everyone you meet and how about everyone who you don’t exactly see eye to eye with and those who look upon you as their enemy?

Go on:
Make friends with yourself, with everyone else and with Hanukah and the Angel, loving relationships begin with a smile! So be the first to smile, it takes fewer cells to smile than it does to frown!


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One Response to THE CELLS

  1. really enjoyed the look at epigenetics and how matter follows energy. Being a science person I am in total agreement. GREAT reminder to all of us, thanks It makes me wonder though, when is it “brain-washing” and when is it “education”? I wonder if Buddhists perhaps might call my scientific “education” as “brainwashing” – since it revolves around intellect, and not consciousness alleviating the pain of others. I sometimes wonder, so again THANKS for making me think this am….


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