I used to drive a super guy, whose name was Guy, with me to yoga classes when I lived in England close to Gatwick Airport, he in his eighties was about thirty years older than me, lived not far and we would drive about 10 miles, once a week, to the class in Redhill in Surrey, England.

You could say we were like family since his wife was a friend of my wife and his daughter was one of my waitresses in the Bistro restaurant where I was the chef. Guy’s family had farmed the land before it became a racecourse and was then converted into Gatwick Airport, so he carried an amazing history within him.

We were taught by a lovely lady who always started and finished the sessions with a meditation whose name was Dallas. She taught us that, amongst the many forms, true Yoga was the union of body and mind.

However the Gita takes it one step further referring to its many messages as union of the Self with its Source.

We have therefore to define Self and Source:
The Self often mistranslated as the ego is not what I mean, but it has to be that which was created by the Source of all there is, without which we would not exist. You see the two are inextricably linked.

The self must therefore be the Soul, the Silent Witness within us.
The Source is therefore the Lord Logos. (God or Allah if you wish).
Whether you want to believe in a God or not the fact is that the two are together eternally, much as many men or women would want to separate them mankind cannot break the link.

That form of physical yoga, I have to say, was many moons ago and it would be an enormous stretch to sit even cross legged now as I approach the age that Guy was when we went to yoga together, wishing that I could have retained the flexibility that he did into seniority.

The Asanas for me now are not a necessity, or at least take a different form than those prescribed, but the body whose consciousness was the gift of the Soul, synonymous with Mind and Spirit is flexible in its own way and I am aware of the constant connection of the Soul through consciousness with the Logos which is my union or my Yoga.

This connection is the same for us all, so long as we do not deny it. As outlined in another post the line is live so long as we do not hang up the phone!

In view of my own experience I can only recommend that some form of exercise to maintain a youthful flexibility of the body be practised together with the kind of mental exercises that ensure a lively and flexible mind well into our later years. It pains me to see folks give up work, which has been their whole life, and do nothing with unfortunate results!

I have one saving grace in that the ancestors on my mother’s side lived well into their nineties, my last remaining and much loved aunt will be ninety one this year and they had all their marbles at the close of play!

One could say: It’s just that the Spirit is willing but unfortunately the body is weak, but we all manage very well with whatever gifts and Soul setups were given us and we all seem to meet our challenges understanding that the show must go on. Troupers all! My great Uncle was one half of the Box and Cox duo in the Victorian/ Edwardian Music Halls!

However you decide to tread the boards we wish you well with applause, applause from Hanukah & the Angel.
(Ref: See The Players Play under Poems – 2009)

PS. A different kind of artist might say that this is all a pigment of your imagination but I assure you that in the rich and colourful paint box of your consciousness and intuitive imagination this is the fundamental reality that exists long after every colour on your conscious palette is spent.


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