Paradise for Sale 21

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
2a Front Porch
Oh! This is the time of year that we love here in Spain – cool misty mornings and evenings when we can get all the chores done and siestas in the heat of the afternoon. Hope you can see this unusual shot, before the sun came up, of the view over our olive trees towards the hill to the West behind the house shrouded in mist- the direction of the Spiritual Warrior!
Which we have at our back!
How sensible are the Spanish? It is said that of all the workers in the EC they are the longest and hardest working but the least efficient with their days broken up due to the heat. All I can say is: The rest should come to live here and see how they get on!
Here’s another where the mist was sat on the valley floor below the mountain to the East – the direction of New Beginnings!  Can’t wait!
It is definitely a place for the young and outdoors, which is why us old fogies are looking forward to ‘Love in a Cold Climate’ since we spend most of our time inside!
Love David


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