It has been said that television destroyed the art of conversation and with the PC, tablet and smart phones gaming has taken us into other worlds, but sadly mainly based on aggression, violence and war of various kinds, even interactive, as if there was not enough of it surrounding us in our every waking moment.

In this age of technology, science, guided by maddened minds it seems to have slewed away from a path that involves as all in a two way exchange based on values of peace, love and harmony back to the one sided philosophy that might is right.

It’s like a family whose head, either patriarch or matriarch, and I have firsthand experience of the latter, decrees that it is their way and there is no other point of view and therefore no discussion. The epitome for me is Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria who has forgotten how to discuss, can only dictate and believes that it is by the will of God that wholesale murder is allowed and that he rules by Divine right. Not that I judge, it just seems that way to me!

In fact most wars which are fed to us on a daily basis on the news are as a result of education which has led the uneducated out of their ignorance into the belief that they are God’s gift to the world and can have whatever they wish at the point of a gun because God, Allah or the Lord Logos is on their side.

How many wars have been fought in the name of God or Allah? Don’t bother to count because the final number is more frightening than any game you might play on your X Box, tablet or PC.

Having been involved in a discussion on LinkedIn which I inspired with my quote of: “Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom” I feel bound to remind readers to join in such exchanges since some interesting aspects of voices, inner participants and metaphors which we as humans need to understand through our anthropomorphic images, worthy of interpretation, often come to the surface.

Conversations and exchanges avoiding arguments but appreciating others points of view are in my view so important in this day and age where those whom we have elected or conversely have elected themselves have forgotten how discussion with intelligence can settle all questions whatever their origin.

There are many who believe that God, Allah or the Logos holds the butt of their gun for them but when did you last see God ploughing your field for you? When did you hear Divine tones bringing wisdom into your discussions to settle any dispute? Intuitive Inspiration?

It seems that our inherent wisdom has been forgotten yet again and therein lies our biggest challenge: To understand what is for us to sort out because it is a problem for the Earth and its inhabitants and what is the right principle to follow in communicating with the Divine, but not for the Divine to sort out on our behalf.

I know, and all those who pick up any form of weapon know that our conscience is telling us that what we are then capable of or even contemplating is wrong. We don’t need to be told, we know! No conversation is necessary as it is inherent. Some are forgiven deemed to have had the balance of their mind disturbed! How crazy is that? Whoever invented that aspect of human consciousness was truly crazy! Perhaps we will come to the reality of craziness in the future.

Forgiveness is the beginning of healing and if anyone needs healing it is the one who holds a weapon, but surely there is also a lesson to be learned and the mind brought back to balance if that was really the doubtful cause?

There are those of us who never stop talking and some understand the value of silence and the wisdom of allowing silence to grow between words either spoken or in the mind. So what sort of conversation is of value to you?

I would suggest again that talking to yourself in the spaces that grow between the words is of the most value. And the venue? Well, it could be anywhere but anywhere in nature is the most beneficial, and the time? Well, since time is the child of space that is entirely up to you my friends in your choice of venue!

Then take your conversation one step further:
Since we are talking about conversations that take place within, in our HPT Meditation we invite the Trinity to take part I would ask you to look beyond the Trinity to the one that like any true Master has the least to say!

Soul is the child of the Logos and as such never loses touch, is never out of touch even though you may not feel a touch. It is within your power to deny any feeling or connection but consider this:

When you allow it you will become aware of a continuous conversation 24/7!

Through your consciousness, the gift of the Soul, you are the closest of all life on Earth to the Lord Logos, God or Allah. You can of course disbelieve, deny or just hang up the phone, but let me tell you that unless you do hang up the phone the line remains live so long as you are alive!

This is the conversation that should never end, within which you will be constantly reminded of every Divine precept which your inherent wisdom already knows and you need no religion, cult or self proclaimed cleric to tell you that you must not kill and you must learn to respect, indeed to love every one of your neighbours as yourself and be the first to offer help and begin a friendly conversation whatever their persuasion.

It is said, ‘better to begin within’ and certainly it is better to start your conversations on the Earth close to home and over the garden gate, than to concern yourself with the cares of the wider world.
I sincerely hope that Hanukah & the Angel have managed to persuade you to talk.


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  1. wonderful post David, I indeed will leave my line open and continue my conversations in the hope that I may be able to help others understand the importance of having these conversations with self 🙂
    Namaste with Love my friend.


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