Gnosis has had a bad press, the Gnostics blamed for their outlandish not to say heretical views being the cause of the banning of many gospels from the Bible. Perhaps in the early days there was a complete misunderstanding of their philosophy which was contrary to current Catholic thought.

Perhaps if we just calling it Knowing we may be able to straighten out a few of the misunderstandings, account for the dualist concept of the Divine and bring Knowing into the 21st Century through this and subsequent posts. By inheritance there may even be a misunderstanding of the true meaning of the Ascension and Oneness.

Could it be that if the Gnostic view had been included, a more rounded view of Divinity would have been appreciated by all? But then we have so many examples of the single minded approach being considered the only way and all others worthy only of death, even though the prime directive throughout most religious thought was “Thou shalt not kill”, it is patently obvious that duality exists solely in the mind of man.

No one would dispute that the Templars tried their best to set things aright according to their appreciation of the Divine, in their attempts to capture and control Jerusalem at the expense of the Moslems, who are now attempting to get their own back, but in a much bigger way than at the time of the Crusades.

The Templars and the Masons have declared that there is no church which was the prime cause of the fall out of the Templars with the Catholics and suffered the consequences of the wrath of Popes and Kings. Subsequently the secret ceremonies of the Masons and their own philosophy are still out of favour with the Church. Although not so secret these days but their true interpretation may still lie in the vaults of consciousness.

On top of philosophic differences of course there was the resentment of both church and state of the Templars wealth and ability to fund both powers! Solomon’s Treasure from the Temple? There was no foreseen option for Pope Clement 5th and King Philip 4th of France than to get rid of them. Murder on a massive scale at dead of night across a continent!
By the will of God?

There is no doubt now that Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas despite the fact that he was looking for India! In fact it will be found that there were many over the centuries amongst whom were the Knights Templar.

Under the persecution by church and state there was no option for the Templars than to escape across the ocean to a new land as far away as possible from the Popes and Kings of Europe like those before them who could not cope with the threats that life in Europe imposed on their gentle, or not so gentle ways of warrior monks/knights ways of Knowing!

Europe, not to say the world is under threat yet again from those who would declare a Caliphate State across much of the Middle East, but to cross an ocean to a safer land is no longer an option and we have to stand and face the force that would if it had its ways destroy our belief and our way of life, if not life itself, as the Yezidies have found to their cost having been murdered in their thousands because of their faith in northern Iraq.

As Obama said it will be no easy quick fix and in my view may take a generation or two but if we can react rightly to the wakeup call imposed on the rest of us by the ISIS militants there is a chance of reducing the time scale.

We have spoken of the personal symbols that we need to find and understand within ourselves in order for us to be able to interpret our own dreams, but there are also many symbols used by those knowing the right path to the Divine that we also need to understand. Of course the most graphic and uppermost in modern minds are the Crop Circles which we still have not managed to interpret correctly, but let us look at the remote past for starters.

Symbols found carved on rocks in America are in the form of an X with a hook on the top right leg of the X which have so far failed to be understood.
HOOKED X 12.08.14
Have you ever been fishing? I remember as a lad going fishing on the sea wall overlooking the RAF Chivenor Training Base, west of Barnstaple in North Devon, England for sea bass and having dug our bait and threaded the worm on the hook it could not get off due to the barb and when taken by the fish similarly was hooked! My mum would fry them for breakfast and a sweeter fish there never was straight from the sea, they were delicious.

Now think back to the Hooked X in the US:
An X points in all directions and when humanity has come together from all directions, all points of the compass, with all their different philosophies and religions they will follow the right path to the North.

What does this mean?
I believe that if you think of the X where the hook is on the top or north leg, or High Spiritual Path, on the right hand side or the Right Path! Imagine all humanity have come together in consciousness which is the true meaning of Ascension – becoming of One Understanding!

Now the barb or hook on the Right Spiritual Path brings with it the gift of Knowing and in effect will prevent any on the Path from slipping back to old ways, old philosophies and out of date religions. Like the fish once we have taken the bait we will be together as One, we will Know and there will be no turning back.

Why was this found in the US?
At the time when those of the Templars, who managed to escape, traversed the ocean one hundred years before Columbus, they believed that others would follow. Others such as the Cathars equally persecuted and equally on the pathway towards knowing, sadly they and others like them were wiped out before they could follow as the Catholic Church decided they were heretics.

The process of Ascension is not something new as it has been in progress for thousands of years and those in the Know have left clues for us to follow if we would only show some common sense. However our sense of Free-will allows us to say no! And who followed the Templars in relatively modern times? The Puritans which must have set the Divine Plan back a millennium or two!

Many talk of the resurrection of the Antichrist, but all we are seeing is the gift of Free-will to mankind manifesting itself in one strong belief against another.

But let me say that against the philosophy of ISIS, Al Qaeda and others like them, you can kill people but you cannot kill an idea, theirs or ours. I believe that eventually X will mark the spot where all of mankind metaphorically and in reality will come together as One Knowing Race, when Ascension is appreciated, achieved and we enjoy One Consciousness with Hanukah & the Angel at which point we will be unable, even if we tried to exercise our Free-will, to slip back.

I have always appreciated that there are many pathways to the Divine, all of which should be respected and the Hooked X is a symbol of not only the multiple pathways but the meeting point and the only Right pathway North to Oneness from which there is no return.


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