Paradise for Sale 20

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
1 from a distance
To our cousins across the pond:
We are told that the Californian Almond harvest has been hit this year by severe drought and since they provide over 80% of the worlds Almonds the price is likely to soar! We too have missed our normal rains in both autumn and spring and since we, like the Americans, practice in the main the dry orchard method, some of our trees have very small fruits not having had the water to swell them. But we have two hidden secret weapons: The first is the underground result of our state of the art waste system from the house and the other, like most of the farmers round us now have purchased agricultural water, much cheaper than the mains, to irrigate their orchards and vineyards. A lesson that perhaps our cousins from across the pond should learn from to save their almond harvest too in the future.
One of the lucky trees with the nuts almost ready for picking looks like this:
20a Almond Tree
At last our second flush of figs has arrived:
20b Figs
Would you believe it? It rained last night and continues a light drizzle as we speak only to match the drizzle of Canadian maple syrup with a squeeze of Spanish lemon juice on our pancakes for breakfast this morning! Yippee!
The Sale of furniture and effects is going well so the downsizing plan is well on course!
Love David


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4 Responses to Paradise for Sale 20

  1. cat says:

    … leave me some … i’ll be right over 🙂 Love, cat.


  2. I am happy that part of your plan is well on the way, the other half will I am sure follow… And sounds as if your waste system a good idea… Those Figs look delicious 🙂


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