If any of you have read my book ‘Journey Through Many Lifetimes’ (available on Amazon by David Tenneson) all within was true then and much remains so, but some has also evolved and changed, as you will find if you take the trouble to compare with many of the posts here on Hanukah & the Angel, you may see the subtle differences.

This is the nature of thought and growth. The Soul has given itself to a life on Earth as, if you like, an impotent observer in order to experience a proposed life but only as a silent witness with no control.

Why? Because the life is administered through its own gift of consciousness which together with mind and Spirit were created, shall we say, at the moment of birth and therefore open to grow and change and evolve throughout the life envisaged originally by the Soul from child to adult.

Life should therefore be a constant learning process and it pains me when one who has gained their degree or certificate says that’s all the learning they need and will not even pick up a book never mind dedicate some of their valuable time to the pursuit of another facet of their own evolution, hopefully of a spiritual nature, by finding out and understanding the total self!

Remember that every aspect of the self needs exercise in order to remain healthy which includes both the body and thought through mind, synonymous with Spirit!

I remember some of the aged aunts voicing their disapproval when I changed tack and even my own mother remarked it was a waste of my diploma in engineering when I became a chef despite the fact that up until that moment she had taught me all I knew about catering before I went back to college to get the professional wrinkles and that essential piece of paper!

So I have no regrets about my book which if nothing else shows where I have come from, may account for the way I am today and certainly charts my progress for the benefit of the Soul!

Do not let change spoil your day! By all means change your mind and if necessary change your thoughts and beliefs again and again. Try though to keep track of any change in tack and the best way to ensure that you are still on course is through the management of thought in the form of the Inner Trinity of Soul, Body and Spirit.

Your HPT Meditation, when all three are invited, will give the opportunity to the otherwise silent Soul to impress any need for the Spirit to change which will then inspire and change in the body if necessary.

Understand of course that the Spirit may decide otherwise using its own Free-will. However, little by little with regular meetings of the Trinity the message will get through and a return to the set course will slowly but surely resume.

There is of course the cultural aspect of influence on the thoughts of the individual and we all know what effect the brain washing techniques of clever clerics and desperate despots can have on weaker minds which once infiltrated are difficult to change back to the start.

Spiritual practice, however simple but sincere, inclusive of HPT and the Trinity meetings are one simple way of overcoming the mind altering techniques of others and we recommend a few minutes a day in the open air if possible to enjoy, letting all parties have their say, and keeping you on a stable course metaphorically holding hands with Hanukah & the Angel.

SECRET: The Guardian Angel (GA) is not a guardian at all, for what is there to guard against? No, this is a term conjured by those in the past who lived in fear and became obsessed with protection. No, the GA is, in anthropomorphic terms, a twin of the Soul, not to be confused with the Higher Self so called, but remains outside of the body as a constant link with the Divine, which unlike the Spirit follows the Soul through every life and from its vantage point can, by subtle impulse, advise and inspire should there be any divergence from the Soul Purpose by the Spirit. A better term would be Counsellor Angel!
With Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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9 Responses to THOUGHT – the START of EVERYTHING

  1. David I had no idea you had written a book 🙂 and I agree with all you have put here.. We should always seek to learn and grow.. Nothing is ever a waste..


  2. My Counsellor Angel seems to be awol at the moment my friend, any ideas as to how to re-connect?
    Love Mark


    • David says:

      Hello my dear friend, the thing is that you cannot be without your Counsellor, but your consciousness may be putting up a block, like: I don’t need help I can do this on my own! Are you in doubt about where you are on your path? Relax and allow the counsellor to have his say which may only be apparent in the dream time. Love, David


      • Thanks David. Yes I am in doubt about my path, its causing me some serious issues at the moment, i feel totally lost 😦
        Love, Mark


        • David says:

          As I said before ‘Night Brings Counsel’ but I would also counsel that in order for there to be a more conscious and informed connection, and I know of your meditations, that you invite the Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body to each have their say in order for you to realise that you are in fact on the right path. Understand though that the Soul, as the Silent Witness, can only gently inspire the Spirit and then listen to its response and if so inclined the Spirit will guide the body and then respond to its feelings of Well-being or not allowing those feelings to filter back to the Soul. It is the hope of every Soul that the pathway set or proposed will be followed by the Spirit and this is the best way to ensure the right way. It may also be warranted that the Counsellor feels that there is a divergence and a gentle nudge to the Spirit is in order but, as I say, you may not be aware of this unless you are aware of every aspect of the dream time and of the warnings that can come from that direction. Hope this helps. Love, David


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