One of the ways of perceiving the relationship between ourselves and God, which stems from the Torah and most likely way before that, is that the one God is the eternal fire and the Soul that exists within each one of us is a spark from that Divine Fire. Which means that you can never be divorced from this intimate connection to God, Allah or the Lord Logos if you prefer.

In truth therefore the Soul or Divine Spark is eternal just like its parent to which eventually it will return when all of its journeys are completed, when it has gathered knowledge, wisdom and experience and can return in all purity like a true prodigal son or daughter although of course the Soul is androgynous.

There is an inherent problem with the whole of humanity which for me comes from the gift/curse of Free-will where we are allowed to deny the existence of God, our Soul and Spirit and rely only on what we can sense, in other words our body and its five senses.

This is the equivalent of burn out! Not the usual sort associated with the human problem of working too hard, being brain washed into evil or relying totally on the appreciation or otherwise of others who have no right to judge us. No, this is a condition of the consciousness which comes into being from a forgetting.
As if the spark died within us and turned to ash!

You have become so bound up with the conditions of your life that you have let it so get the better of you that you have left the spiritual side of your life to wander into the wilderness and you have forgotten that you Soul or Spirit even exist, or perhaps you consciously denied both!

I believe that, whatever you like to call it, or path you wish to follow, there is a balance to be struck between the physical and the spiritual aspects of life on Earth.
I say balance because there are too many instances of putting too much emphasis on the spiritual at the expense of the physical, Sharia law being a case in point, and enough of the converse of learning to live the good life here in this 3rd dimension in this 21st Century both with possibly fatal consequences.

However simple your particular ritual or spiritual practice it serves a very important function in continually reminding you of the existence of those two essential elements of life without which you would not be alive and kicking!

Let’s be clear: Without a Soul you would not be human! And since the Soul brought with itself the gift of consciousness or the Spirit, synonymous with mind you would be not exactly brain dead but returned to the sub-human state of animal man!

I hope this means something to you, which implies that you are aware of the need to know yourself, the need for daily spiritual practice and to be constantly alert to the changes that occur in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. All of which can be recognised, approached and remedied or changed, as deemed necessary, bringing all into balance.

This might not seem so obvious or you may see the injunction just as words and impossible to achieve, but in order to prevent burn out it is important to realise the power that exists within you and that the Team or Trinity of Soul, Body and Spirit are the most creative source of power within you.

I believe that it is therefore the most beneficial daily ritual to carry out when you become familiar with the meeting of the Team because everything in your life and the direction it takes begins here!

It enables you to understand just exactly who and what you are and is the precursor to knowing yourself in all your completeness, consciousness and creativity.

If you are fearful of what has gone on before that clouds your mind and causes you to feel as if you are indeed heading for burn out, then the Team or Trinity enables you to get back on track and to change absolutely anything that bugs you, getting rid of anything that feels as if it is holding you back and allows you to cement your own beliefs into your consciousness and at the same time ridding yourself of those you know are not your own.

This has only one result: It leads you on the path that rises to the level of consciousness within you called happiness. Why? Because it is all yours and you can keep your spark or flame burning brightly with no chance of burn out!
Fan the flame with Hanukah & the Angel.


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