Paradise for Sale 19

 Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
1 from a distance
‘The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane!’ As Lisa Doolittle tried to enunciate under the guidance of Professor Higgins! But not here in our little valley protected on all sides by the ring of mountains. Makes me feel like the Lord of the Ring(s)! … One of my favourites!
We often say we live like Lords just on our pensions here in this glorious paradise, but having said that I truly believe that we would find a glorious paradise wherever we lived and this one is just pausing for the right people to purchase!
Have you ever been in that place when you know where you need to be but not exactly where in terms of coordinates? Well that is where we find ourselves now and I can tell you it is an ultimate test of faith, not to mention patience but wherever we end up it will be heaven and with passion our last move and our true purpose to manifest!
I may have mentioned in a post how the blackbirds got the better of our Siamese, one like this:
Common Blackbird
When we arrived there was not one in sight
And wondered if there was some hidden fright.
Or was it our ferocious feline friend
Who kept them all at bay or at the garden’s end?

But over the intervening years we’ve seen
A return, one by one to call and preen.
Mother’s duties were doubled as is the way
When cuckoos called, her own were pushed away.

Of masters though we were much more aware
Territorial yes, but on such a warlike scare?
With black plumage and bright yellow beaks
As if in uniform they fought like freaks.

Like a dance of death that never came to it
But beak and claw were like a fencing feat
Feathers flying in bright bravado’s rush
Until our Siamese disturbed their skirmish!

Chance came at last, later in bright light
When fledgling took its first faltering flight,
Crash landed on hard gravelled ground
Not missed by our cat, always around.

Here, surprisingly, both parents showed
Such loyalty and love they felt they owed
Together defended their usurper babe
A pair of beaks and claws flashed like blades

Much to the surprise of our offended cat
Thought nought of twin onslaught as that
Stalked warily, but each time beaten away
Decided to retreat and fight another day.

Some say that Mother Nature is hard and cruel
But man could learn much from this feathered fued
Of virtues such as loyalty and love
Inspired as much below as from above.
© David Tenneson 2014.

Love, David


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to Paradise for Sale 19

  1. cat says:

    … bit beside the point , but as a cattle farmer, I know quite a bit about nature and its cruelties as well as its o so tender moments … loved this poem, David … and for your property … it will sell to the right people … so beautiful … sending many good thoughts to you … Love, cat.


  2. I am certain all will unfold as it is meant too.. And loved your poem and the brave parents who braved your cat.. 🙂 amazing what parenthood does as we defend our young 🙂


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