A short post under the heading of Shortage.
Following on Feeling Good shortage reminds me of the folks who continually moan about their lack, their health and their lot in life. I constantly have to remind people not to talk about their ailments to all and sundry, their difficulties and problems forgetting that by doing so they are only allowing more of the same into their experience.

In my view there are no such things as problems only opportunities to prove who you really are and how good you are at using your God given gifts in meeting every challenge that comes your way.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves that we are here for the benefit of the Soul but at the behest of the consciousness or Spirit!

Please stop telling yourself that you are no good, that someone else will not be satisfied with your efforts, tell yourself that they first of all have no right to judge you, whoever they are, and secondly that they will be happy with everything that you say or do, but most of all you are happy with what you think, say or do!

Shortage, not to be confused with shortening, which only a baker would understand, implies a feeling of lack which is the opposite of feeling good!

By continually telling your stories of woe to all and sundry only sets up blocks to your feeling good, and you wonder why you fall into swinging moods of up and down?

Come on, get real, it has been said many times by many masters and also by us that when you show and share the results of your labours for goodness sake only show the great results without going into the ramifications and assumed problems you had to go through to get there! (Because you only invite a repeat of those same difficulties.) Please?

If it is something like money that worries you stop thinking that you do not have enough. Tell yourself you have enough and cut your suit according to the amount of cloth you carry in your purse! It’s all there if you invite it into your life by continually understanding and concentrating on plenty instead of lack.

When you look carefully and deeply, do you have shortage in your life? Think carefully about it and you will see there is little lack especially if you invite all that you think you need, want and desire into your life with the possibility and intention to share everything that you have or require with others as recommended by Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to SHORTAGE

  1. David this is another brilliant message. So many are in that woe is me syndrome and concentrate upon their half empty glass instead of the half that is filled. I enjoyed reading my friend as I awake to a day of plenty. For abundance surrounds me at all times Blessing for you day. Sue
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    • David says:

      So good to hear you Sue enjoy this time of beginning harvest. As you say if people would only look around they would see that they are surrounded by abundance. Love, David


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