I’ve always thought of myself as being an optimist! Sublime some might say, even to living in another world and those who appear to me as pessimists vehemently refute the term preferring the much more acceptable office of realist!

But however you see yourself, or others see you, doesn’t it bug you when you are accused of being negative? All the more so because in your heart of hearts you know that you are going through a moment of doubt, probably of yourself, that makes it sting all the more?

When we humans rely so much on the five senses to give us proof of everything that when we talk of those abstract and nebulous negatives we wonder where it’s all coming from.

Feeling good and happiness to me are levels of consciousness. Sorry I’ve gone all abstract again, some might even say other worldly or even ridiculous since they do not believe that consciousness exists at all!

Can I let you into a secret? That really if you knew yourself at all you would know already that consciousness is synonymous with mind and Spirit, all of which are given at the moment of birth, shall we say, although in fact are presented to the self when able to sustain life whether inside or outside the womb.

Does that sound like rubbish to you? Well, here’s the thing: What would be the point of the Soul entering the body of a child if it could not sustain life when its sole purpose is to experience life and the gift that it brings with it is consciousness?

This brings into focus the whole concept of abortion which to me is perfectly acceptable if the mother is in any danger and at a time when the embryo is exactly that and not able to sustain life despite the wonders of modern medical science!

Feeling good at whatever stage of life you begin to consider whether you are happy or not, after all some are born into happiness, but some enter this world into an environment and culture of abject poverty and misery, the former and the latter can nevertheless allow anyone to feel good. How can that possibly be true? Say you. Well, think about it!
Of course a child that knows no other life can feel happy despite its lot, but unfortunately the downside of social media and the rise and spread of communication in all its forms gives the views which can make any child feel unhappy with its lot to the point of violent aggression to rise above its state!

On the other hand did you ever consider that despite the fear instilled by the dreadful tales and films of invasion by aliens, nuclear wars or catastrophic hits by comets or meteors, there might just be a better scenario than the warped imaginations of those prophets of doom? Or even the slimmest of chances of a better newscast some day in the future.

I’m going to jump into what might seem like the abstract again, but is in fact the only true reality: Apart from what we insist on seeing and sensing, and now with our radio telescopes, the Universe is I promise you benign and any visitations we might become aware of are, believe it or not, are for our benefit.

Imagine for a moment that you are one of our visitors looking to see if we are feeling good. What would you think if you could, with your advanced technology, see every argument, every skirmish, every battle and every war in progress? Could you possibly imagine that left to our own Free-will we could ever get to the point of living in peace and feeling good? But here’s another little secret:
They are not allowed to intervene!

Back down to Earth: The inescapable point is that despite the best efforts of the miniscule few we build and we demolish, we build and we demolish. We call a place by one name one year and change it to another the next. In fact we never accept what has gone before, we never accept the status because we are never satisfied so how could we ever feel good?

The one thing we have never accepted is the beneficent nature of the Universe the stream of good will that flows through us every minute of every day. It’s not something given as a reward for hard work, dedication or constant prayer. It is as a result of our constant desire to better our circumstance, our desire to become better people and become better at what we do that enables the flow of energy continually to flow through us, with one proviso, we must believe it and allow it!

Our Free-will allows us to negate all the good things, all the good feelings all the peace and happiness that is there for the asking, for the taking and for the allowing if only we would let it be. Please believe it and allow it along with reading this post from Hanukah & the Angel. You see it’s no good praying to God, to your favourite saint or prophet because they cannot live your life for you and only you can do that and only you can believe, allow and direct your life in the direction of feeling good.


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