We have spoken in the past about the irrelevant teachings that have led many down the wrong path to a dead end.

By dead end I do mean that in certain circumstances it could mean death!

Many, especially in the healing fraternities have encouraged us as individuals to use various methods to protect ourselves. From what? Well from nebulous negative energies, from the efforts by others to give us healing and from evil entities that may or may not exist within those whom we ourselves are trying to help.

I was so convinced of this that I even wrote about the various methods employed from bubbles of light to imaginary envelopes stepped into and pulled up around us to keep out the nasties.

Now we need to take a step back to the point of consciousness where we have spoken about the Law of Attraction that provides a match to whatever you concentrate on according to the vibrations that your consciousness sets up, often without the awareness of your waking consciousness, in other words before thought is actually formed and concentrated upon.

So what were you concentrating on? Oh yes! The nasties and evil things that we need to protect ourselves from. So what do you think the Universe in the form of the Law is going to provide in response? Exactly! The very same things which you are afraid of whether within yourself or within those you are trying to help. You see how fear rears its ugly little head again and again?

As we have stated in the past pre-thought vibrations are responded to by the Law and simply give us more of what we are about to think about. So what we receive are thoughts that cloud our consciousness with further darker images of imaginary negative forms to guard against and protect ourselves from.

It was even put to me at one stage that those who had received other forms of hands on healing such as Reiki arrived in such a state that they needed a) to be closed down, and b) to be protected.

Quite frankly what nonsense: No one ever spoke about the immense euphoria that was felt after receiving powerful healing from a Reiki Master, or healing from whatever well meaning healer which made the client feel ‘out of this world’ and they certainly did not need closing down and sealing off from the beneficent energies of those who care for us, but in the right frame of mind or not the only ones we need to be protected against are ourselves and our own erroneous thoughts and that react to our own fears and that surely is down to us.

You must be aware of the common sense remedy from feeling the natural but often overwhelming euphoria from healing energies is a good earthing experience! What better than a barefoot walk on a sandy beach, a grassy park or woodland or if you are that way inclined, and possibly the only thing within reach, a half pint of good honest real ale at the local pub, with your feet on the ground in convivial company.

There is enough hocus-pocus bandied about in this world which we humans have made illusory when all that most require is good common sense and learning to live life on this Earth. The combination and cooperation of Body and Spirit which should be encouraged on a daily basis by talking to your body to facilitate Well-being is all that is needed.

Remember: ‘Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom!’

Every cell in your body has a consciousness of a kind which we will call volition that responds to the master consciousness i.e. you and your thoughts, so please be very careful about how you see your body and how you wish Well-being to accumulate within it.

May I remind you again that you need to concentrate on what you want and not on what you do not want? It surely begs the question which do you want to enhance? Bad health? Or good health, well being and happiness? I know which I prefer and I know how best to bring it about so why not join me Hanukah & the Angel on the right path to Well-being and Happiness?

As far as protection goes, you know the environment in which you live so take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and don’t forget your umbrella!


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2 Responses to PROTECTION

  1. David, you speak such good sense.. in this nonsensical world whereby others ideas about healing and hocus pocus makes me smile… Your post as always speaks with wisdom .. I am back trying to catch up xox Blessings Sue


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