Ifs, mights and maybes are all about tomorrow, until tomorrow comes which then becomes today. Such a short space of time and yet so many of us worry our soul-case out for fear of what tomorrow might bring. How sad, how silly and really, when you think about it so petty, for in truth most of our worries about tomorrow are of little consequence for whatever we worry about, when it is done what then?

If something concerns you the most powerful tool in your armoury is your mind, which is quite capable of looking at the worst case scenario and its consequences and it is then that you can say to yourself with no real consequences, “What then?”

Let’s face it most of the things that concern, worry and drive us nuts are the pettiest of problems which are not really problems at all but merely opportunities to use our God given gifts to meet any challenge set for us, including the petty things like, ‘I wonder if it will rain?’, ‘I wonder if the scare mongers are right and a meteor will hit the Earth?’ or, ‘I wonder if my bus will be late again today?’.
What can you do about any of it except perhaps take an umbrella?!

Of course a lot of our worries are in fact about what has already occurred in the past and since the past has happened and gone what the Dickens can you do about that either? Did you do something, say something or do you think you upset someone’.

Here’s a thought: most of those who upset us are the very ones whom upon reflection are the ones who set us straight, put us on the right path or gave us a kick in the pants when we really needed it to force us out of our comfort zones to do the right thing and get on with the business of living!

Were you one of those when you thought you had upset someone else? May be you are now looked upon by others as an angel in disguise!

So don’t dwell on the done things of the past, they are literally past and gone and cannot be changed in any way despite what others may say. Especially those for whom you may have committed a sin or sins and undue repentance is deemed necessary. Don’t believe it!

And about the future: Most of the questions a medium receives are about romance, money or health. Well you know the future has not happened so it does not exist and most genuine mediums worth their salt will tell you that they are not fortune tellers!

What a good one will be able to do is to take a broad view of the path you are on now and maybe even look at the remote past to give you some reasons as to why you are where you are, but then to extrapolate from your present position to give you the best possible path for the future, or even a choice of pathways.

But even that or they are not written in stone! What would be the point of telling you exactly what was going to happen, of which even the Soul is unaware, since that would remove your Free-will and no Soul wants that since your future is down totally to your Spirit which has been influenced since your birth by your culture, your environment and your individual evolution, while your Soul has signed the contract to sit by and watch as the silent witness with only minimal influence while the Spirit gets on with the management of this life with complete Free-will.

‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps on this petty pace from day to day and all our yesterdays have lighted fools …’

What does it matter if you did something foolish in the past? You are not a fool! No one is fit to judge you, but in the knowledge and accumulated wisdom of your past you can prepare today for your tomorrow.

That’s what tomorrow is all about! It’s about today and how you manage life now and how you prepare for the needs, wants and desires of your future. That’s what tomorrow is all about. So live today as if it were your last and don’t forget that the main ingredient of your future is happiness. So plan for it! With a little bit of help from your friends Hanukah & the Angel and don’t forget that umbrella!


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  1. Great advice.. Live for today… and oh yes David. I did remember my umbrella and a very good job too as its raining quiet heavily out 🙂 RIGHT NOW!.. 🙂


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