It was the Italian master Galileo who said I cannot teach you I can only help you to find it within yourself.

I believe in this so much to the extent that Love and Peace are part of us at the basic level of our consciousness. The problem is that the very constituent activating force of consciousness i.e. the mind or Spirit is subject to the vagaries of the cultures and environment in which we are born and have to make our lives through our own individual evolution and can easily miss those essential virtues.

It is an old excuse that those who find themselves in trouble ending up incarcerated blame getting into bad company. This could of course be true, but those who find themselves in this position if they were guided to find the true virtues within themselves, as Galileo advised, could have found the wherewithal to remove themselves from the company that they claim led them astray.

No matter by what name they call themselves, and here I have to confess that I was taught erroneously it would seem that giving someone a nickname took away their personal power. Not true as the inner power is still with us by whatever name we are called, call ourselves, whether rude or kind. We, with our inherent wisdom may deal with naming as we wish.

Unfortunately the Masters of the past have led us astray!
In all forms of education we have been taught to value judgement, greed, winning above all through competition at the expense of others and profit above peace.

I have often wondered if there is a system of education that would err more towards our inherent wisdom and conscience which we all know has within its consciousness the difference between right and wrong, true and false.

We as a race love names, we like to put people in groups, clans, tribes teams and boxes and in that process lies the root of conflict and a different name immediately incurs an anti feeling and all that is apart from religion!

As I have given my belief before: the story of Adam and Eve was a clever ruse gone wrong which was supposed to convince mankind that with one set of parents in the remote past we are therefore all brothers and sisters and consequently all with the same name: Mankind!

Just look at the similarities: We all have one head, a body with two arms and two legs, also a Soul and from that starting point we probably resemble most other life forms in the Universe.

But then look at the differences: No two of us are alike physically, even so called identical twins are different when you know them well enough, even though to those of us in the West all Chinese look the same and all Indians look alike, but the most essential difference is that we all have a different consciousness, mind or Spirit.

It is important now than ever for the young to be aware of the effect that environment and culture can have on our consciousness and the way we evolve as young people.

I don’t think I have ever seen Love, Peace, Harmony or Respect on any school curriculum or time table of classes. Have you? Nor meditation for that matter! Teachers please take note and correct us if we are wrong, maybe you know these subjects by different names, or correct your own curriculum! And send your comments to Hanukah & the Angel.


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5 Responses to NAMING

  1. “It is important now than ever for the young to be aware of the effect that environment and culture can have on our consciousness and the way we evolve as young people.”….

    Excellent post David as you make some excellent points.. xxx


  2. Another great article David. I agree, we should have these fundamental ‘Humanitarian/life’ classes in our schools, because they are so important to every human in every country, especially in this day and age. There are some meditation classes already in some schools in the form of Mindfulness.
    Take care my friend
    Love Always


    • David says:

      If only my friend, perhaps we could reform education together. I like the word Baba calls it ‘Educare’ Love, david


      • I would love to David. Im trying to formulate a mindfulness, meditation and loving happiness program and my aim is to try and get it into the schools here in China, children here of all ages are driven 24×7 to achieve success, success in everything, they have no life outside of school, usually looked after by grandparents who push them to be No1, they have no contact with nature, no real friendships, very little teamwork / communication experience because they must achieve no 1 status in everything they do in life or they and their parents/grandparents will loose face. Its a massive challenge but one in which I must follow because we need to get these children understanding peace, friendship, co-operation and the skills of communication if we are every going to achieve world peace.
        1 day at a time my friend
        Namaste with love


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