I believe that relationships never die on some level, much as we may feel forsaken or hard done by following those liaisons that have fractured for one reason or another.

We as humans, however, seem to love and accumulate levels:

A man not so long ago soared through the atmosphere via a helium balloon to the edge of space, as we know it, leapt from his capsule in a special suit and only deployed his parachute when he was a couple of thousand feet from the earth achieving the highest level recorded so far and not likely to be broken in the near future I would imagine. For what?

It has been said that we share many genes with many other species, so could it be that within our genes is the sequence that if mankind had gone that way we would all be flying and still recall that possibility within ourselves? Let’s face it since before Icarus we have been trying to get airborne unassisted, and there are competitions each year to see how far we can fly!

But back down on terra firma: Our relationships enjoy many levels from the first look across a crowded room through courting, marriage, family and sadly followed it seems, more and more, of parting in the physical sense.

As I say, for me any relationship is recorded and held in perpetuity forever in no library or vault which we as humans could see never mind recognise with our physical senses.

The thing is that the level of that record is still within reach of each and every one of us if we so wish and need apply no physical sense to retrieve what we wish to find.

This is possible even though it is beyond physical relationships that may span many and growing levels as we see now with our exponential obsession to forge relationships through social media with others whose identities may be in doubt and we may never meet or may indeed meet at our peril which has brought us to another new level in this 21st Century.

It is hard to imagine but I guess we can develop a loving relationship with someone who might appear as a static image, who we could never be sure is who they say they are, and it concerns me hearing stories of the young, particularly vulnerable, at that level and prove to be preyed on in every phrase.

This to me seems to be the same dangerous level prevalent in certain mosques where the gullible and disaffected youth are brainwashed by clever clerics into believing firstly that they are loved! Yeah right, but obviously lacking in their lives and that they have a moral obligation and a religious right to take and to give away the God given gift of life on some cause or at the whim and alternative agenda of some other person on a screen or in a pulpit.

We are Earth Creatures for at least the duration of this life and it would be the biggest bonus to both mankind and the Planet itself if we could come to terms with the level of Earth first before considering any other eventuality.

To become grounded seems in most I have read to be seen as a one way traffic of receiving the beneficial bonus of stability from the Earth herself, full stop!

I don’t see it like that, for me it is a two way energetic system of energy transfer!
In fact the most essential to every human on the planet from the base up. It is a bit like creating a sure foundation which I admit the Earth can help but we should never forget our role in offering in return what we as spiritual humans have to offer.

When you walk barefoot on the beach, meadow or in the forest you are in effect a moving channel of energy transferring electromagnetic power back to the Earth, which I have referred to as human lightning rods in the past.

In order to do this it is important to ensure that the level of your base, the base portal is in the best shape for rest assured the foundation of a good base is needed for the rest of the ascending portals which we try to climb with the Kundalini in our conscious Ascension.
Take care of your levels, all seven of them, with Hanukah & the Angel.


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