Paradise for Sale 16

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
2 Front Porch
I can’t believe that this is the 16th week that I have been posting these pieces of Paradise every Sunday for your delectation.
If you are looking for peace and quiet in the heart of nature in a house that holds within its secrets a treasure of possibilities then this could be the very place for you.
As one local put it to us anything is possible in answer to the question, as it happened from a large family that it would have suited, except that they wanted a larger paddock for their horses, as if 5025 square metres was not enough! But they were also investigating the possibility of converting our Paradise into a B & B. Why not?

Then with 4 reception rooms on the ground floor there is the potential to have a conversion of an independent flat for the owners of a first class restaurant with a dining room of 10 x 7 = 70 sq metres! Why not indeed?

With masses of parking space the possibilities are endless and far from our original plan of a spiritual retreat, but each to her or his own!
Surrounded by orchards and vineyards and back by the rising wilderness it is Heaven on Earth and with the price falling due to the rising pound and open to offers it is well worth finding out more from: (Ref: JS 104)
Love, David


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to Paradise for Sale 16

  1. cat says:

    I lve the pic of your house … wishing you well with the sale … Love, cat.


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