A very dear friend of mine was the kindest, most generous person in the world and very hard done by and in fact ill treated when it came to boyfriends and relationships. She died a spinster.

I often wonder whether her inability to make a decision had anything to do with the reactions of others to this trait in her personality. Was this the Soul Set-up that she was given to see how she reacted to the actions of others to her trait? Or it could have ben her parents who would not let her make a decision of her own, right into adulthood?

So many of us are afraid to make a decision in case it is the wrong decision! Wrong for us or wrong for those who rule us with heavy hands? We say again there is no wrong for us only perhaps wrong as others see how and what we decide, but then does that matter to you? No! Let it be their problem!

And here’s the thing: Any decision is better than no decision at all. No decision is almost like saying I want to opt out of life I can’t be bothered to decide on which way to turn, which way to go or whether to live or die.

Because you see, any decision is the right decision because once you have made the decision you have in fact created a vibration that tells the Universe what you want and you know then that the Universe is in no doubt in which direction you wish to go.

Now the beauty of this process is that you can improve on any decision made by amplifying your thoughts about it and hence the strength of the vibration around it which can only be responded to in like manner.

Can you now see that whatever decision you make can be augmented, amplified and adjusted to suit your own magnified thoughts about the decision simply by the vibration which actually takes no action on your part at all because all that you are doing is seeing whatever it is get better and better and better.

There is nothing magical or supernatural or spiritual about this process because all that you are doing is following your prime objective of follow your thought process which leads you towards … yes! You’ve guessed it … Happiness!

If you see your original idea getting better and better all the time what else can it be other than leading you to joy and happiness.

Conversely of course a decision could turn out to be what on your own reflection you deem to be the wrong one, but look at it this way: We are given Challenges throughout life to use our best judgement and gifts to overcome, to better and become happy.

It is a difficult concept to get through our sometimes thick heads that whatever decision we make is never in fact the wrong one because every decision leads further along our own path towards opportunity and eventually joy!

Think about it!

Why are you where you are doing what you are doing?

Because that is where you are meant to be, giving yourself the opportunities to prove yourself and using your talents to the best of your ability. And please don’t tell me you have no talent! The greatest talent in your arsenal is the gift of the Grace of God that showers down on you in every second of every day and guess how that manifests?

It is the greatest gift: The gift of being able to listen attentively to another!

You know that the Grace of God is to allow you to pay attention, to be attentive to everything and everyone and as the greatest truth says, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, What greater way to show your attention firstly to God or the Lord Logos, to your fellow Humans and finally to all of the Nature Kingdoms.

So, please don’t be afraid of making decisions for whatever you decide will be right for you, Hanukah & the Angel.


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4 Responses to DECISION MAKING

  1. cat says:

    Why am I doing what I’m doing? Good question …. ran away from an arranged marriage … lied in a convent for 9 years … got an excellent education … fell in love with my Canadian Clem … had 3 Canadian kids (Mary, Paul and Jenny) … working a well paying job … helping my alcoholic Clem …
    seeking and finding refuge in the city … wanting to be with my mumme, age 84, in Europe …in order to have purpose again … I loved Clem, but I never loved this brutal winter country … ok, wha wha wha meouw … I’m done complaining, David … Love, cat


    • David says:

      Why indeed, sometimes reasons are beyond us, but it sounds to me as if you are making the best of what you have been given as your challenges Cat. I am sure your mumme would love to be with you too but did you ever consider the way she has had to manage her life and the challenge of having a daughter far away? Something we tend to forget is that we are all in this together and often it may seem unpleasant … try to see the bigger picture. Some of us come back just for the sake of others and their experiences. Love, David


  2. True David, and even if we at times think we have made a wrong decision, was it? because it often leads us along path of discovery too… I agree with what you said about the greatest gift being that to listen.. So often though we fail to listen to our own intuitive thoughts which will often guide us if we learn to listen in making the right decision..

    Glad to be back.. Enjoy your week David


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