Paradise for Sale 15

Paradise for Sale 15
Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
2 Front Porch
We have to confess to spending a lot of time indoors, not exactly book worms, more like word worms but we are surrounded by such beauty no photos can do justice, but here goes as we go outside again:
One couple who came from afar remarked that the house was beautiful but that they found the view a little lacking! Turns out they were looking for the sea and apparently all the noisy bustle and pick-pocketing crime that goes with the promenades and bars on the coast. Not our scene at all having been there and decided to move inland.
Actually the sea is not that far away and just 40 minutes drive to either the Mediterranean or the Airport whichever you chose for your mode of transport, to the Balearics a short ferry hop, North Africa or further afield if you wish, but you would never guess it was that close with the incredible change to no crime whatsoever where we are and perhaps you have wondered why we call it Paradise!?
But just to give an idea of the view:
This is where most of our neighbours live who manage the land that surrounds us: The hamlet of Solaneta.
15b Solaneta Hamlet
The house sits in a bowl shaped valley with a little road running along the centre between the villages of Monóvar and Pinoso 9 km in each direction, with La Romana about the same to the south. You can just make out the terracing that holds the house on the fifth tier about 800 metres from the local pub and garage. Nice walking distant to work up a thirst, if it was needed, and many tracks between the orchards and vineyards that line the valley and which we overlook towards the rolling pine covered hills that surround us if nature is your thing and I sincerely hope it is or the dogs need a run!
15c Local Pub
Nothing like a ramble in Nature to recharge the Spirit!
How about these for views over the vineyards in all directions and up to the house along the now asphalt track that was just a stony strip when we moved in 7 years ago – and as we began “In the Distance”:
15d Young Vines
15e New & Old
15g Vines & Pines
As one local remarked the view was ‘Precioso’. Do I need to translate?
The local brews abound in the various villages and our own local Bodega: Santa Catalina de Mañan or Mañar according to the language Catalan or Valencian!
Shown here on the main road just before you turn off towards the Solaneta:
15h Bodega
Just one of many in the vicinity! We call it our Paradise but equally you might call it God’s Country! One glass of the red each day keeps a good strong heart.
(Photos shown full size to get the best appreciation of the beauty of the mountains that surround us.)
Love, David
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  1. Love the views and a local vineyard what more could a buyer want LOL 😉


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