When there is so much striving for the same thing all over the world how does Peace stand a chance? When there is so much difference between rich and poor the rich will do anything to hold on to what they have and gain more of the same, while the poor would do anything to find a crust of bread to eat and pure water to drink.

It would seem as if the rich who through various means of applying their fortunes will rise to the power that ensures they pay the least tax while taxing the poor to the hilt to keep them poor and under control.

I remember the words of Kaddafi before he was murdered by his own people:
“My people they love me, they love me all!”
What was the quality of that Love? It would seem again, and proved since, as if he and his family kept all the riches for themselves, while bribing the tribes to stay quiet and keep their own people under fearful control, So did he get his just desserts?

What is the quality of the Love professed by a church that ensures through ceremonies, rules and inquisitions that their followers are kept under a similar fearful control of excommunication, hell and damnation should they step out of line or even utter a wrong word deemed to be heresy or against the word of a Pope, Saint or Prophet?

The fountain of pure Love, of no name, is the Source of all there is, known by many names who’s so called Prophets over the centuries have professed Love and Peace but who would not think twice about killing those who disagreed with their own brand of Peace and Love.

When you think how every single human being was gifted with the highest form of Love and Peace how could we have got it so wrong and how could we have been misled so radically by the so called Prophets? Or was it the followers with their own agendas who misled us?

Ever since the world began there have been leaders, followers and slaves and the last two often mixed together through the most powerful weapon of any leader, that of fear. As one great singer once sang:
”What’s Love got to do with it?”

It is said that the only thing to fear is fear itself, but try putting that into practice when you are faced with something that puts the fear of God into you. Like your imminent death or even worse torture! For many of us who do not fear death it is the manner of death or the pain of torture that would force us to say anything to avoid such a state of affairs and commit to anything our tormentors wish.

So many talk of Peace now, as if it were easy to achieve and yet many of us despite our best efforts are forced to take a stabilising drug in order just to stay on an even keel and to conduct our lives in a peaceful way.

For me Happiness is a level of consciousness because I am so full of gratitude for all that I receive so that I feel happy all of the time.
Am I at Peace?
I wish I could say yes, but there are so many things that bring stress into my life, my mind and my every thought that I worry about at the present time; which even with those stabilising drugs the condition is now deemed chronic and I have to say in all honesty much as I would like to say yes, I cannot be at Peace, yet!

The reason why I mention this is that for me the quality of Love must be tied inextricably with Peace. For me there is a way forward that involves acknowledgement of the brotherhood of man, to which I subscribe and therefore Love all of my brothers and sisters of whatever race, colour or faith.

I do not Love because of this or that, I Love! My Love is as close as I can get to the Unconditional Love of the Source which is all Love and all Peace. It is a truth that Unconditional Love may sometimes be seen as disinterest allowing another to go their own way, make their own mistakes along that way, do their own thing and worship as they please.

My problem is my concern for the rest of the world that manifests as worrying stress that needs help for me to overcome in my quest for world Peace, which I have to say does not alter my Love for others, but I do worry for them especially when I see that they are far from being at Peace and are unable to show the true quality of Love for others.

Education is denied to many and some education denies the rights of others; some educators foster and enflame the very thoughts that should and need to be denied. I was never a good student but always managed to scrape through, but in order to learn I teach and my curriculum includes Simplicity, Patience, Compassion, Love and Peace, all of which I try to teach of the highest quality. Join Hanukah & the Angel in learning together about the highest Quality of Love.


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