Here we go again with good, bad or indifferent!
It is said that if we use our conscience correctly we have the inbuilt ability to tell right from wrong, good from bad and true from false. (You notice conscience, not consciousness, where con-science really means with-science or shall we say with-wisdom)

However, it ain’t as easy as that is it?

When we know ourselves a bit better we can acknowledge the inherent wisdom that exists in each of us wrapped up in the folds of conscience.

In which case we should already be able to find in the corridors of consciousness that there is no such thing as good or bad that is common to us all since all of our inherent wisdoms will through our environment, upbringing and culture tell us all a different story.

Disagreements arise when those differing wisdoms see your good as being my bad and/or vice versa.

The important thing is that however we view another one’s point, in whatever light and wisdom, the only thing that matters is what it means to you!

If it means good to you then you will obviously go with it, but if it looks and feels bad then the sound advice would be to choose a different path, partner or pattern of thought. You see, you don’t have to agree with everyone and if someone tells you otherwise then it is that one you need to change!

NB. It is no good you pursuing a path that makes you feel bad!

Even if someone has tried to convince you that this path is the straight and narrow one that hurts all the time because that is the sacrifice that you are destined to have to make.

Why? Isn’t that the way you were brought up and doesn’t it sound right? Wrong!

Remember the reflective properties of the Universal Laws that only give you what you send out. So if you are sending out:
“Oh God I feel bad and don’t see why I have to suffer in this way.”

What the Universe sees is:
‘This is the way I want to feel so please give me more of the same’.

And you know what that will do? Only make you feel worse!

We have to repeat:
Your beliefs are only beliefs not who and what you really are, so change your beliefs to the way you want to be, where you want to be and mostly essentially what you want to believe.

If what others do does not lead you on your path to happiness then choose another path. It does not matter what they say or do it’s what you think, believe, say and do that matters.

On the concept of there being no good or bad, right or wrong let me assure you that one right is right for some but might not suit you so don’t go there, one bad may be good for them but bad for you so don’t do that, don’t go there, but go where it feels right, go where it feels good and makes you feel happy inside.

Remember that you do not have to answer to anyone and no one has the right to try to change what you believe that makes you feel happy.

It is perhaps a hard concept to swallow when you see the leader of the declared Caliphate, new Islamic state across Iraq and Syria, which is obviously right for him and his followers, but the problem for the rest of the world, even those of his own faith, comes when he tries to impose his teachings on the rest of us at the point of a gun.

I respect his choice of pathway even if I doubt that it leads to the Divine, where killing is his modus operandi, but he should respect the pathways of all others in their attempts to follow their own ideas to their concept of the Divine, the fountain of all love.

And finally speaking of love another hard concept for us to take is the aspect of love that is all giving with the expectation of nothing in return which would seem to be totally against the principles of the Caliphate. It is of course Unconditional Love which although they speak another language does not translate into any word in their everyday vocabulary even when it is sometimes mistaken for indifference.

One thing in their favour is that their ideas of control are at least transparent and out in the open while others in the past and even today have been and are hidden behind panoply, ritual and ceremony to the brain washing techniques of so many in not just the religious realms of this wrecked world. In that respect it is a blatant wake up call to the rest of the world which we can ignore at our peril!

Whatever your choice, your faith, your belief let it be your own and hold hands with Hanukah & the Angel in mutual respect, harmony, peace and love.


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4 Responses to VALIDITY

  1. Hi David, I really needed to read this today and you reminded me of the wise way to view my current situation, it’s easy to go along with everyone elses definition of good and happy, but your totally right about our individual right to choose our good and bad experiences ourself. THankyou so much for these words of wisdom, have a great day…Luv Dawny xxx


  2. cat says:

    … yes, let’s hold hands … i’d like that … 🙂 Love, cat.


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