ADULTS & CHILDREN (From a distance?)

Isn’t it strange how two children from the same family, given the same attention, love and opportunities turn out so differently? They go in different directions both physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is a great pity that we have decided individually and en masse to ignore the latter!

I’ve seen this so often, even with my own, both still so loving and lovable, but individual and now with kids of their own, and yet friends whose offspring have become one such a pillar of the local community and of service to his country and yet the other died early of drink and drugs with only a couple of years between them. The heartache that they brought to their parents manifested also in different ways, as different as they are to each other.

How things have changed since the days when families used to, through force of circumstance, live in the same house over three generations or at least in the same village if not the same street in many countries of the developed world. Now the third world and those driven from their homes by war and pestilence face the same situations if not forced to live in a refugee camp!

What happens is that the gift of consciousness that the Soul brings with it and then has to sit back and witness how the Spirit manages the body through that life subject to cultural differences, peer pressures and pressures of life that are inflicted on the body from an early age which can divert the body from its original Soul purpose.

Of course the Soul is not the only one that has to watch how a life pans out since growth implies a movement away from home as education takes its toll and a youngster finds itself more and more alone, or in an undesirable family, while the parents feel so at a loss being able to help less and less as time causes the chasm to widen between them and their offspring.

When living closely together it takes a lot of patience and understanding and so often family rows erupt as cultural change, social media and technology in general provide more ammunition especially when there is maybe no strong bond to begin with through say religion or spirituality to bind family generations together.

Often it is through those very missing links that help may be given to those who, as far as the family is concerned, are straying from the accepted path. In this case being close physically is not always the best solution, but to those of us of a more spiritual understanding, especially at a distance, to hold their loved ones in their loving embrace in moments of calm seeing them enfolded in the light of the Logos can bring unseen, but untold relief and release from the problems they face of whatever nature. Healing from a distance can often have a great efficacy than hands on depending on the client in question.

Of course there are the tried and tested methods of maintaining essential contact in each other’s loving embrace as we did when first married, not being able to afford our own fridge or washing machine, we went back to mum every weekend to do the washing and sit round the table, swop stories and enjoy a good roast lunch together.

We were far enough away not to get in each other’s way and feeling independent, but at the same time knowing that we were within driving distance in case of desperate need, either way, and of course that decent meal!

Later on of course we found ourselves in the same position as the parents in law with our own children who now are starting on the same pathway and as far apart physically as their personalities have turned out to be emotionally.

In my present position of 1000 miles away it is a very sad state of affairs when I cannot help them, made worse by their best intentions not to tell me of their difficulties or those of the children and when I find out of course I feel doubly debilitated at not being able to help!

Unfortunately despite their protestations at being friends with the local vicar they do not share my deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life and try to help me rather than them giving me the opportunity to help them in perhaps a way in which they do not understand.

So if living closely together, unconsciously we feel how others near to us are feeling before it becomes a conscious reaction to the way they are which they may not even be aware of themselves. Mark of a good servant?

If we are unaware of firstly the possibility of these senses and reactions we can just feel bad about the person next to us whether one in the family, someone at work or some stranger sitting next to us on a bus and we may have no idea why we feel and react the way we do.

You can perhaps understand a little more how important it is to know ourselves inside out and what makes us tick in order to understand our reactions, and if necessary to correct those reactions to others to prevent the adverse from manifesting in the present moment. Conversely it may also enable us to understand our otherwise empathic reactions in all situations.

In a strange way the often taught protection method of placing yourself in a bubble of light has no validity because essentially what you are saying is that you do not want to interact with the rest of the world no matter what! Quite the reverse to the above and its understanding.

Which when you consider the Grace of the Lord Logos whose purpose is for you to become attentive to everything and everyone, in fact to all there is around you, it is in danger of being denied!

In our reactions to one another there is another hidden reason that often comes through the consciousness, in the form of the remembrance of a previous life, when the two Souls in question were in violent confrontation with one another. That feeling percolates through into this life when again we may have no idea why we hate the other person so much! Another good reason to know those deeper regions of yourself wouldn’t you say?

Well, in my family’s case, maybe one day when career and children can look after themselves there may be opportunities for all generations to come to a closer understanding but for now our chances are few, but our efforts are strong when those brief chances come into conscious awareness.
Thank the Lord Logos for those opportunities with Hanukah & the Angel.


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