What a strange word.
In my experience not a lot of folk actually expect what they expect, if you see what I mean. Yet Physics seems to have put some kind of verification on what we expect because at the level of quantum physics it seems to make a difference when two researchers carrying out the same experiment having different expectations the results can diverge but concur with their particular expectations. How about that?

It also seems to rely on what the individual scientist’s research has produced, what path it has lead them down, and what belief it has left them with. It has been said that we are what we believe, but from the above it appears that what we believe can affect what we expect from life in general.

When we really know ourselves we begin to realise what actually makes us tick and our feelings are the best way to lead us to that most important conclusion.
Feelings teach us what we believe and whether our beliefs are right for us: our own or someone else’s!

In other words what we believe and what we expect from life could be completely wrong for us, planted if you like, in our consciousness from an early age by the domination of others and therefore not relevant for us anymore. It is easy to think that our beliefs are us! Not true! They are only beliefs and can be changed to your way, to your wants and to your wishes.

Time for a spring clean then, to formulate our own ideas and feelings about where we want to be in order to manifest our own expectations from life, cement our beliefs into what we want for ourselves regardless of what others may say or do to try and impress us with their own needs, wants and desires.

Don’t forget that occult, in the true meaning of hidden, agendas abound and one of the most tricky tasks for us all is to be able to use our conscience to sort out the wheat from the chaff, the true from the false, the right from the wrong for you!

Is what you hear really right for you or is someone, who may appear totally bona fide, trying in fact to con the life essence out of you?

Constant vigilance is required because don’t forget we are not dealing with benign angels but human beings who may be from a different country and culture with built in foreign agendas or have lived next door to you for years. Who are you most likely to trust? Well, act as if you trust everyone but trust no one until you have done your homework and are perfectly sure in your expectation of trust.

On a slightly higher plane, if you are relying on prayer or the Universe in the form of the Law of Attraction yes, I have to say that there is an unwritten law that response can only be given at the same vibration as a request. However, remember that time is a fabrication of man and is in reality the child of space.

It is therefore from the moment of inception that our expectation may be in the time frame of our own concept of time, but in fact has to relay on a series of events that are subject to the Free-will of others that could need fulfilling before your particular expectation can be manifested.

Within that last paragraph is hidden the great lesson of patience, a lesson which we all have to learn! Many stumble on the path to patience and let our exorbitant expectation get the better of us whereas the other lesson contained within its un-rapid realm is the requirement of relaxation and not letting our expectation rise too high.

I guess it was my generation that despite the flower power of the 60’s and the expectation of world peace was the opposite of not wanting to wait but wanting everything now! Together with the beginnings of the throwaway society which thankfully at least in some quarters is beginning to turn full circle.

At last some of us are beginning, although forced upon us, to believe that small is good and that our expectation of the quality of life in general is enhanced through the culture of self sufficiency, saving and the simple life.

When we subscribe to these virtues it is quite natural that our expectation of a life of simplicity, patience and compassion will follow as we lead by example with a worldwide benefit. Some lessons are hard but the benefits are great when you follow Hanukah & the Angel.


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