Dreaming of a walk in Green Park
In a night so dark
Velvet reflects the stars
Light enters through slatted bars

In my self-imposed prison
Sleep seems like poison
Staggering down marble steps
Early-hours darkness helps

Dispel a muddied mind
Helping to rewind
Feeling my way
Along familiar ways

Keys are mine
I know the code of time
I made the locks
No one knocks

The door of isolation
Blocks my motivation
Harbours my stillness
Aching illness

Searching intuition
Looking for inspiration
Been here long enough
It’s all been too rough

The pendulum pauses
In the swing of causes
Time stands still
No longer feeling ill

Breathing once again
Humming a new refrain
Holding, then letting go
Time to go
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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