Paradise for Sale 13

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
These last set of photos were taken on 21st June 2014, just to let you see what Mother Nature has on offer in Paradise:
13a Apples
13b Pears
13c Almonds
Apples come in two varieties and we have kilos of them to make our own recipe Apple Compote which we freeze down for our breakfast each morning with other fruits in season. Then Pears only their second year of fruiting, but as you can see coming on nicely followed by just one of our twenty Almond trees whose fruit we enjoy throughout the year.
13d Fig Tree
13e Figs 1
13f Figs 2
One of the two fig trees and then their young fruits! Oh have you ever had fresh figs for breakfast? Wow! What a treat, and this is what I think of them:
Like purple velvet bags of treasure warmed by the sun, soft to touch,
Suspended they weigh down the branch and take my gaze in drooled suspense.
What pleasure kings and peasants, birds and insects all enjoy as much?
I venture close and touch, but gently, the bursting essence to sense,
Lift a fruit, feast my eyes, bring to my lips and kiss the bulbous bag.
Taste is of soft dry lips, I break the skin and force my tongue inside,
Seeds caress the sensors as the skin begins to dissolve and sag,
Sucking sweet nectar through the purple outer, white then red resides.
This self perpetuating tree could surely never have been cursed?
Such fruit, in its time, brings harvest not just once but twice every year
To refresh and nurture mankind and all nature, needs to be nursed,
Cared for, as any tree that feeds the multitude deserves is clear.
As the mother tree begins to age, declines, hardens its own form
Young shoots appear close by to multiply and take the mother’s place.
Travellers have been grateful for this ability to transform,
Knowing that when they return this way again they will find this grace.
Who could doubt the presence of the Divine in our Spanish garden?
This blessing of the bountiful, splendid fig that brings us succour,
In every sense we benefit, in sight, taste and touch. We are blest,
In prayer we thank the Lord for the miracle of Figs in Splendour.
© David Tenneson – Dec 2010.

In a common moment of construction, always creating something! I built the pergola at the side of the house that gets the light from sunrise to virtual sunset.
The close up shot shows the young red grapes in their early green stages as are all the young grapes in the vineyards that surround us, and the ones at the far end of the pergola are green when ripe, both sweet table grapes. You’ll laugh, but a present from a friend who brought the young plants all the way from Belgium!
13g Vine Pergola
13h Young Grapes
Great Grandmother Almond, left without pruning to shade the Children’s Permanent Picnic Table, she is magnificent and still bears a huge crop of the nuts which can just be seen in their soft pale green velvet bags as the hard shells grow inside.
13j Grandmother Almond
Enjoy, Love, David
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