What does this story teach us?
Firstly that we all need to be on the alert, in the lifelong quest of knowing ourselves. We should be on the lookout for the weaknesses that can, if we are not aware and alert, lead us into trouble and of course the first weakness in this story is the ease with which we can be brain washed or seduced.

Seduction can range over many subjects and the first that comes to mind and relevant to the story of Samson and Delilah is to do with sexual seduction which if you like is the precursor to the rest of the story.

However, we may be seduced into believing that a lie is a truth and the least educated we are the easier it seems to happen, although it has to be said that many brainwashing techniques are extremely sophisticated. But these opportunist entries into our consciousness open up the following scenarios:

Religion: That seems pure but makes us slaves and even sanctions and promotes the death of those who do not follow our own path to the Divine, which makes you wonder if Christians and Moslems will ever be at peace, from the Crusades to individual intifadas, not to mention the Jews.

War: That for King, Queen or Country would seem like a just cause, not forgetting the gods of the religions, but it is the poor that end up in the trenches and become the cannon fodder while the makers of arms get richer.

Politics: That purport to be for the good of the common man but is corruption at its height in disguise where again those in power get richer and the poor get poorer.

Work: That we are assured is safe, in safe buildings using safe processes with safe ingredients and yet proves deadly.

As we see in most cases it is the poor and the ignorant who suffer and the rich who benefit and the gap between the two only gets wider.

We have to ask ourselves the question, ‘What did Samson lose when Delilah cut off his hair?’

We were all gifted with Free-will from birth, to use as we chose, in a life of our choice so long as we are permitted to follow our own way!

Samson chose to grow his hair long as many of us do today with no one to tell us otherwise, but if someone cut off my hair I would be upset and feel that my Free-will had been taken away.

It was in that moment, whether Samson felt that his power lay in his long hair or not that psychologically he felt weakened and had lost his personal power, was overcome, placed in chains and subsequently blinded.

It was only later that he realised that his strength was undiminished and when brought into the temple of Molloch to face his accusers felt the main pillars either side of him, so the story goes , and used his immense strength to push them apart which caused the temple to collapse and crush his enemies.

Our strength lies in various forms within us:
We have physical strength which can be greater or less than others depending on how we treat our bodies from consideration and food to exercise, remembering that it is not so much that goes in but what comes out, in all senses, which matters!

As we see, the psychological power can be equally devastating brought as a gift by the Soul and managed under the freedom of Free-will by the Spirit, it can affect others but also ourselves through the only way the Spirit can communicate with our waking consciousness, through the body.

Nevertheless it is the greatest power within us, but again is open to consideration and during our HPT True Meditation we have the unique ability to bring the three parties of the Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body together to ensure that our strength is directed in the right way to fulfil our true purpose.

As we began:
It is important to become aware and alert constantly to ensure that the Trinity is in control and that we are directed aright with Hanukah & the Angel.


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