Paradise for Sale 12

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
Having been brought up a Christian and all that that implies I quickly understood that all is possible with God or the Logos as I prefer now, but I also understood the glimmers of truth from many philosophers and prophets allowing me to respect the pathways chosen by others toward their own concept of the Divine.
This is why the many themes displayed in the rooms throughout our house could have caused confusion to some, whereas others would have found familiarity, so please forgive me for showing the following photographs which remind me of my following the Lotus Path throughout India and Nepal in 1997. This first one, a present from students, I painted to match a photo I took of Buddha in a Tibetan temple in Lumbini, Nepal his birthplace:
12a Buddha 1
It is said that your Buddha should face the front door for protection, which we view as superstition, especially as we have a Sphinx outside (tongue in cheek, you will have seen in Paradise 11 last weekend) but this one is seen as a reflection when coming through the doorway in a large mirror, hoping to simulate the reflection of some of his ideals that should exist in the minds of all humanity.
Conversely since the teachings of the Buddha were not a religion but a profound philosophy, since he neither said there was a God nor that there was no God, allowing us our Free-will to choose for ourselves, this next rather beautiful one with the turquoise Temple Dogs is sat securely and illuminated within our library, surrounded by knowledge, to emulate his enlightenment and wisdom. The stones on his lap are from Lumbini – his birthplace and Sarnath – where he gave the lecture to his first five followers.
12b Buddha 2
Finally Saint Francis, a present from my daughters, whose words ring through my prayers: ‘Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace’ and so he sits on the window sill that looks through from the Sanctuary where I work to the Living Room.
12c Francis
All and many more Icons have contributed to the ambience of our Paradise but none will burden those who follow us in this loving guardianship, so as to create their own amazing space.
Love, David
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2 Responses to Paradise for Sale 12

  1. I am glad I placed my Buddha in the right place facing the front door David, I did not know that 🙂 I would love the Peace in your Home David, .. If I were 30 yrs younger I may have been a tempted buyer 🙂

    This Buddha sits 2 foot tall on the top of my landing looking down the stairs at the front door 🙂 I chose it because of its Peacefulness ..


    • David says:

      Well a purist might say it is only superstition, but we all have our own rituals and ceremonies and if we are comfortable with them and they keep us happy lest keep on keeping on eh? Love, David 🙂


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