I guess this is one of the most difficult aspects of our conscious appreciation of what’s going on around us to get into our heads and to accept that concept.

It has been said that if you find yourself in chaos thank your lucky stars because you are in the right place to be able to show how you can use the God given gifts to meet all the challenges that can be thrown at you in the midst of whatever chaos you find yourself in.

In short you are where you are meant to be!

Trouble is we all tend to worry about what’s round the next corner, what’s going to be thrown at us next and how we will be able to cope. Some of us even have difficulty in accepting the phenomenal gifts that we have been blessed with, but if only we could, we would know that we’d be able to manage anything that’s thrown at us. Yes anything!

What would you call that?

Gratitude, Confidence, Faith?

Some of our brothers and mainly our sisters round the world are not even allowed to go to a school to get educated and others, mainly in the West, are either born precocious or are taught that they are the ‘créme de la créme’ giving rise to generations of big headed boys and girls, naturally considering that the world owes them a living!

Is that wrong? No! Just different.

If we step up a notch to the grander scheme of things we need to appreciate that we are where we are because we are meant to be here, all is well and that the way will be clear to whatever and wherever we want to be!

Our two most damaging delusions are doubt and fear!

Often we know what we want and, if of a certain creative consciousness, we know that the Law of Attraction will respond to the vibrations and thought patterns which we send out into the cosmos, and can only be answered with the same sequential, not to say frequential responses, that is: so long as we maintain those vibrations!

Trouble is we allow those delusions to damage our dearest wishes by doubting that they will ever be answered or that we will have the necessary gumption, will or creative mental ability to bring anything to a successful conclusion, which also comes under the heading of worthiness or lack of it!

Al we have done therefore is successfully to put the mockers on everything we want! Bully for us!

Now you can see how we get ourselves into such a mess, when we know what we want, go for it with all our might, but at the same time fear that it might not happen. How crazy is that?

What can I say? Except that we all at times suffer from these same delusions but we need to understand that we are all worthy, we are all capable so long as we don’t set the bar too high, nothing is ever finished! So stop knocking yourself and know that all will be well. And just as an afterthought who the hell is empowered to judge you, who you are, what you do or how you do it?
Answer: Nobody!

You are fantastic and please, for God’s sake believe it, accept it and live in that knowledge your beautiful life!

Although in danger of alienating half of my readers I feel there was never a greater misnomer than to call Football the ‘beautiful game’ when it gives rise to so much violence & corruption reminiscent of the Roman Games because the ‘Beautiful Game’ is the game you live and play and dance if only you would have faith in yourself!
Even if you must play football! That’s all right too. After all exercise is good!
Believe and trust that all is well with Hanukah & the Angel.


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