Paradise for Sale 11

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
In its heyday each room in our Paradise had a theme.
11a Twin Bed
For the Twin Bedroom it was Egypt and you may be able to make out the Papyrus of Osiris and Isis in the centre, to the right is the Sphinx and on the right wall is Set.
You may be wondering why plaid rugs are on the beds? Well, this is in honour of the Egyptian Princess called Scota who was exiled for marrying the wrong guy, either Greek or Spaniard – not sure which, took up residence in Scotland and gave her name to that country.
11b Twin Bed
Opposite the beds is the high level shelf with various artefacts from that country and below you may be able to make out from left to right a copy of the Rosetta Stone, a picture of the Tutankhamen gold and lapis mask and then on the right Horus.
Stepping outside for a moment:
Who needs a guard dog with a Sphinx at the old panelled front door?
11c Twin Bed
Finally for comfort an Egyptian cushion.
11d Twin Bed
Love, David
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5 Responses to Paradise for Sale 11

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Waow !!! and I live among all these treasures … it was good of you to remind me about them.
    I am sure that many other readers of your post will notice how beautiful the “House of Peace ” is… but will realize that sometimes the pilgrims have to take up their walking sticks and start their march again.
    May Love and Light guide us … through storms and darkness… until the Sun rises again.


  2. cat says:

    Sooo lovely … am so impressed, David. Love, cat.


    • David says:

      Thanks Cat, In the tiny bedroom in Crawley Sussex I painted the walls like the arches of a cloister looking out on a different religion under each arch. A visiting medium remarked that she would try to change her own home to become all embracing like mine emulating my philosophy that we should all respect the many pathways to the Divine in whatever form they take. Love David


  3. William Lambert says:



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