Lord, Lord, we are so blessed living in this our Paradise which one day we know we must leave for pastures old and pastures new, challenges afresh and journeys afar.

Blessed are we, filled with your grace every single day, but we are also aware that we only wish to serve and how much we have to learn, so Lord, Lord please, please teach us.

First Lord, I ask that I be given the strength and the courage to fulfil not only my but your purpose, to meet the challenges set for me and to express you on Earth.

Teach me Lord not to test time, teach me that all will happen in its allotted span and to respect the passage of this thing which man has invented and unwittingly become its midwife, for is it not the child of space, but which we find so precious?

It has no form, cannot be seen or heard except the tick and tock of the grandfather clock, to remind us of its relentless race! It puffs and blows fast and slow as it goes along its haphazard pace.

To me you are the Lord Logos, the Word! And you have given me words aplenty to share, which I know do not compare with those that exist formless in our many memories from today, yesterday, yesteryear and yesterlives, hidden and yet retrievable in the surround sound of the many Souls that constitute the Is-ness of all memory.

Teach me Lord to Love with the Love that holds no conditions and expects nothing in return. Above all Lord teach me to love those who would hold themselves against me, my thoughts and words.

When things do not happen as I would wish, teach me Lord not to Press time, not to pressure myself or others in my pursuit of perfection.

Teach me Lord to be content in the knowledge and awareness of your eternal presence moment by moment, please teach me that awareness.
Finally Lord make me, as Francis would have prayed, an instrument of Thy Peace.
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to PRAYER FOR TODAY

  1. A beautiful prayer David… May all your prayers be granted and wishes be fulfilled as you share your light with others…


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